UK Enterprise Awards 2021

149 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Body Confidence Media Platform – South Wales Beauteous CIC is a social enterprise which promotes confidence in body and mind whilst raising money for charities in England and Wales. With core values of courage, partnership and positivity, the organisation specialises in TV, film, media and other creative arts to work with individuals, helping them enhance their skills and talents, and assisting them in becoming the best version of themselves - whilst boosting their confidence at the same time. Founder, Natasha Best, started the movement in order to promote positive body image and, whereas it doesn’t have any direct competitors as such, she believes that what makes Beauteous unique is the dedicated team behind it all. “If there are other organisations out there who’s goals and values are the same as Beauteous’ then we thank them.,” she explains. “We thank them because they are helping the individuals that we have not been able to reach. Any organisation who want to help build confidence in individuals so that they can achieve more, is a friend of ours.” With vocal coaches, dance coaches, photographers, sports’ professionals, and actors working behind the scenes, Beauteous provides workshops where members have the opportunity to sing, dance and act, to bring out their ‘inner performer’ whilst interacting and engaging with others to build last friendships. These workshops culminate in performances of which there are four per year, as well as fashion shows and short films too. “In addition to the workshops and performances, we are also connected to a casting agency, so that when the time is right and the individuals feel confident enough to take another step forward, they will have the opportunity to register with the casting agency to become supporting artists, this can be as a career move or just as a paid hobby.” Natasha describes the organisation as not having staff members, but rather collaborators who gift their time in order to help and empower others. “Beauteous is a diverse organisation where everyone is important.,” she explains. “Everyone involved in the running of Beauteous is a professional and, although they may not be getting monetary benefits as such, they do get recognition which can enhance their careers, such as credits in productions, and interviews in magazines and the media. But the main benefit is the enjoyment in the knowledge that they are helping others to achieve more.” Beauteous is currently in collaboration with other creatives, including Donna Marina Official and other fashion designers, with further partnerships planned over the forthcoming months. “We are currently corresponding with charities in the hope to work with the people that they support so that we too can help them by doing what we do best,” says Natasha, “and that is building confidence in individuals.” Contact: Natasha Best Company: Beauteous CIC Web Address: Apr21482 Empowering body confidence is no mean feat and Founder of Beauteous, Natasha Best, tells us more about her quest to help everyone be the very best version of themselves.