UK Enterprise Awards 2021

156 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Apr21543 Best Corporate Portrait Photographers 2021 Based in Central London, Studio Grey is a corporate photography studio representing clients both nationally and internationally. When it comes to corporate headshots and staff portraits, why leave it to chance? Following its richly deserved success in the UK Enterprise Awards 2021, we got in touch with Founder Mark Grey to find out more. When Founder Mark Grey set up Studio Grey, it was a leap into something he knew i.e a lifelong passion for photography. However, it was also a challenge to build a business by providing professional portraits and headshots to CEO’S and clients involved in acting and banking. Naturally, starting his new venture meant turning his back on the fashion industry and attending events such as London Fashion Week. Competition remains an ongoing challenge for Studio Grey, however as Mark goes on to explain, its client-focused approach has enabled the team to distance itself from others in the industry. “When working with individuals we take our time to understand their objectives and what they are trying to achieve with their images, whilst acting as a consultant to demonstrate how lighting, narrative and body language work together to express complex messages. As soon as we meet, the world evolves around them. For us, each client has a unique set of values and skills, our job is to translate those talents into powerful visual messages”. To ensure clients leave our studio satisfied, attention to detail is key. For our corporate clients we work with marketing teams to understand the organisation’s brand values. Typically, we help companies define the look and feel of their imagery, often working alongside agencies and web designers. When the shoot is done our work continues, producing professional photography guidelines that ensure consistency across the globe. With our actor and celebrity clients, we often get a brief from agents and learn that the actor is going for a particular role or that they want to change the kind of roles they are currently cast for. All portrait photography is performance art, and our performance has a direct impact on the emotional range we capture”. With professional qualifications and plenty of character to call upon, staff continue to play an integral role in the success of Studio Grey as Mark points out. “All our photographers are professionally qualified, something that many other companies can’t say and this can be seen in the quality and consistency of our images. As part of their induction process, many organisations benefit from being able to send their new starters over for their headshot”. Although the firm received some government support, attempting to deal with COVID-19 has proved to be very challenging. However, with lockdown bringing a temporary halt to the business, the team did at least get the opportunity to reassess and make improvements. “With reserves to fall back on following a successful last couple of years, we moved to a larger studio at the same address and improved all our processes. Within weeks the business was back to pre-COVID-19 levels, so of course that was very pleasing”. Finally, Mark offers some top tips for growing a sustainable business before sharing some of Studio Grey’s plans for 2021 and beyond. “First, don’t forget your own past experience in understanding your market. Second, deliver above expectations and you will continue to win clients and grow referrals. Finally, if you’re on a crowded tube train carrying two massive cases of lighting equipment, don’t accept a kind offer from someone to carry one of them. Without one large weight the other will throw your balance and pull you to the ground. 2021 is a big year for us with us planning to open more studios in the UK. First up are Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds, before we begin to roll out our unique services nationally”. Company: Studio Grey Contact: Mark Grey Email: Web: Phone: 020-740-8776