UK Enterprise Awards 2021

157 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Veteran-Owned Security Company 2021 & Excellence Award for Community Security Support 2021 Every success that Lead Element Security Group has achieved has been fundamentally underpinned by the firm’s core values. Every member of the armed forces hold the same six core values to the highest regard with these including the respect for others, courage, discipline, selfless commitment, integrity and loyalty. Today, these values are often the foundations of any successful company. Typically, the firm specialise in manned guarding, security patrols and alarm response, all the way through to construction site and electronic security. When it comes to recruitment the firm prefer to hire ex-forces people due to the fact they are used to a way of working which is associated with the army’s core values and traditions. Mubarik added “Whether it’s the operator on the ground or the Head of Operations, they are all vetted for their service. In addition, they can uphold the same standard we expect them to be. Even the lowest standard in the military is still regarded higher than some of the best standards local security companies can provide. This isn’t a criticism to them, it’s just the fact that the military operate in a certain way and despite our operators never having met before, it eases recruitment standards as the future operators already know what’s expected of them. To compete with the big named security companies out there, building a strong community that works for each other is key. instead of just working for a pay check, we want our recruits to be happy in their role”. With the security industry prone to setbacks due to the rise in crime and terrorism, instead of just moving operators to different sites every time there is a setback, the firm prefer to speak to individuals before anything else happens as Mubarik explains further. “Here at Lead Element Security Group we have a relationship that is tight enough to speak to the individual, identify any issues and move forward as one with nobody left behind. Ostracising in the military is almost as bad as any crime out there, and we are not going to start leaving our men and women behind now”. Currently, there are a lot of robberies taking place on the streets and although the firm aim to foresee these as they happen, Mubarik admits that isn’t possible all the time. “Not every crime can be foreseen, so in those situations we have to be quick and deal with it in the best way possible. Preserve life and then deal with any arrests or forensics after. Clients have noticed a huge difference in footfall on their streets since we have been looking after them and that just shows that we are doing a tremendous job out there”. Finally, Mubarik discusses the main benefits of the firm’s location before sharing some its plans for 2021 and beyond. “Being based in the UK and recruiting British Forces only gives us an advantage to approach those veterans from all cities, and give them the opportunity to grow within their own communities and teams. Although our biggest client base is in London, there is no point sending our London based operators to Liverpool for example. Instead we would establish a base in the region, and then slowly try to recruit local veterans to grow into those positions so we can return our London based operators to their home county. This way it keeps the travel to the minimum, the local veterans get to work in their hometown and the operator knows the area better than we do. Here at Lead Element Security Group, we feel like we are only just getting started and knowing that our clients appreciate what we do, shows we are onto something. Moving forward, we want to start bidding for the bigger contracts, branch out to the corporate world and even local authority and central government sites”. Company: Lead Element Security Group Ltd Contact: Mubarik Alin Email: Web: Phone: 020 79 71 76 70 Apr21584 Based in London, Lead Element Security Group is a Veteran owned security company operating in South East England. Having built up a well-deserved reputation for excellence in security solutions, we got in touch with Mubarik Alin to take a closer look at this impressive firm following its double success in the UK Enterprise Awards 2021.