UK Enterprise Awards 2021

159 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Model Railway Kits Design & Manufacturing Business 2021 Established in 2012, Peedie Models started with the aim of producing high-quality products for the model railway enthusiasts. Although there were some products on the market, many seemed flat and unrealistic so naturally this led to the formation of the business. After finding a 30ft model railway in the loft of the house he had purchased, Paul set out to launch a business which would focus on attention to detail. “By using resin cast models and now 3D printed resin parts, this has allowed me to introduce more detail to the items. In turn this allows the modeller to add more weathering and ageing to the kit, therefore making it look more realistic than some of the other manufactured products. Typically, I produce a range of items that enhance the modellers layout. Naturally, these are items that the bigger companies may not want to produce as they may have a lower return on investment”. When it comes to the nearest competition, a commitment to innovation and customer service has enabled the firm to stand out from the crowd as Paul explains further. “Since inception I have always aimed to provide a quality product and back it up with an excellent customer experience. I have been investing in new equipment such as laser cutters and 3D printers has allowed me to increase the product range and manufacturing processes. Moreover, this investment has enabled me to take on more modelling areas. Recently, I have taken on the production of model ship fittings for large scale radio controlled model ships”. As the sole employee of the business, it’s Paul who has to handle customer orders and frequently respond to enquiries. Naturally then, as the business continues to grow recruitment is an area he would like to address. “Hopefully when I move into new premises, I will be in a position where other staff members can assist with customer service, product development and production. With the bulk of the company’s revenue coming from a small percentage of the regular customers, my focus for now is on them and those who hear about the business through word of mouth”. Despite the recent outbreak of COVID-19, it’s fair to say Peedie Models have prospered more than others during these difficult times. Paul added “Just recently I have taken over a model ship company, and now I’m remastering all the products as they were starting to look tired and some were damaged from many years use. The model ship section is growing faster than expected, mainly because of the improvements I am making to the products, and that a lot of the owners of smaller specialist ship suppliers are starting to retire. With lockdown preventing people from getting out, I have found that more people are getting back into or starting to take up building models. I’ve done my best to ensure we provide a higher level of service in the last 12 months”. Living on a remote Scottish island is an amazing way of life, however it does have its challenges too as Paul points out. “The connectivity for mobile phones and broadband services here in Orkney isn’t always reliable. However, my location does mean I can contribute to the local economy and utilise the postal system for the dispatch of smaller items. The bigger items used in exhibition displays have to be shipped by road so that’s where our local removals company comes into play. Finally, Paul shares some of the firm’s future plans as we look ahead to the remainder of 2021 and beyond. “The home based studio has served me well for a little over three years, but now is the time to grow and move to the next level. Part of my plans include setting up apprenticeship schemes to help young people develop their model making and product development skills and help contribute to the community of Orkney”. Company: Peedie Models Contact: Paul Tyer Web: Phone: 01856252510 Apr21596 With more than 40 years model making experience under its belt, Peedie Models is able to offer clients a full range of design, manufacturing, and custom building services. Following its recent success in the UK Enterprise Awards 2021, we got in touch with Manager and Product Designer Paul Tyer to discover how the firm has crafted success throughout the years.