UK Enterprise Awards 2021

161 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Inbound Conversational Marketing Agency - London Building on its decades of storytelling and technical expertise, Digital BIAS digs deep into its clients’ business strategy to deliver personalised game plans that engage audiences and accelerate growth. “Any agency can produce content or support the on-boarding of technology - but we aren’t any agency,” explains Managing Director, Paul Sullivan. “We love to work with businesses that are product-led, have subscription models or repetitive buying models like SaaS, Marketplaces and Ecommerce. In addition to our core skills of inbound marketing and sales enablement, our consultancy focuses on digital transformation, with a specific emphasis on service and product design thinking, business model analysis, business model generation and value proposition design.” Inbound marketing, or inbound lead generation, is the go-to game plan for product and service-led organisations. By clearly identifying the typical decision-makers and influencers in its clients’ customers’ buying cycle, Digital BIAS helps to accelerate the decision-making process through provocative and educative thought leadership content. “Using our decades of experience of working with content and technology creatively, we devise quick return strategies that combine both an inbound and outbound approach,” continues Paul. “It’s this approach to marketing and sales that enables our partners to closely align marketing, sales and products for comprehensive results.” As experts in sales and marketing, Digital BIAS knows that the key to successful selling is by building repeatable processes for a team to close deals. With a team-wide approach to sales, a company creates a wider culture of success, and it’s easier to replicate successful tactics into an organised structure. BIAS unifies its clients’ sales strategy across the team with the same processes, scripts, content, CRM and the ability to fully identify bottlenecks going forward so that a business improves sales results. “This removes time-wasting repetition and inefficient processes that have a negative impact on your sales team’s productivity. By implementing automated processes around HubSpot’s CRM and sales platform, BIAS strips out a huge amount of unnecessary waste, improving all-around results.” It is this data that enables a sales team to adopt the changes that will have the most impact. BIAS supports them to make strategic incremental improvements based upon evidence. “The immediate requirement is to improve efficiency and become more consistent. This will, in turn, create better relationships with customers and give your sales results the opportunity to thrive.” BIAS also offers growth-driven designed websites, which Paul states are the only way to truly optimise a company’s website offering for measurable ROI. “We believe growth-driven design (GDD) is the only way forward for companies with strong growth initiatives; it capitalises on digital success based on user activity, not preconceived or suggested success methods,” he explains. “Adopting this agile approach means you can launch your website quicker and improve faster. If having a peak performing website that delivers growth month on month is your priority, then growth-driven design can be the only choice.” The GDD methodology is based around the process of building, testing, adapting and expanding. Consistently manoeuvring the design and development process to suit what customers want by their actual behaviour – rather than what companies think they want. Using this process, BIAS delivers websites highly aligned to the behaviours of a firm’s prospects, using a launchpad website and then testing for results and applying continuous monitoring and improvement. The result is a website that works for a company’s prospects and customers and grows in line with a business. “It’s fundamentally different from traditional web design that takes a concept, builds and launches a website without a real, unequivocal understanding of how the visitors will use it. From the start, the GDD process acknowledges that your website will never be finished; it’s a living breathing platform designed solely at the bequest of your users.” By effectively utilising its inbound content marketing strategy and execution, Digital BIAS guides companies to out-innovate the competition and find opportunities that were previously unseen. “We love to be innovative,” Paul emphasises. “Our unique blend of creativity, strategy and technology is designed to give any business the competitive edge.” Contact: Paul Sullivan Company: Digital BIAS Web Address: Apr21605 Digital BIAS is a London-based inbound marketing agency which specialises in utilising the HubSpot CRM system to help improve a company’s sales. We speak to Managing Director, Paul Sullivan, and find out more about what makes Digital BIAS stand out from the crowd.