UK Enterprise Awards 2021

167 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Full-Service Engineering & Design Company 2021 – North West Addison Project Plc was established in 1997 with the acquisition of the former ICI Hillhouse Projects Group. It is one of the UK’s leading independent multi-disciplined providers of engineering services, supplying project & construction management, multi-disciplined design and day to day technical engineering support services. The firm operates nationally from offices situated in Lancashire, Cheshire and Teesside. With its heritage and background as an owner- operator, Addison Project listens and can truly understand your needs. Using state-of-the-art equipment and software, it is always striving to continuously improve and do things better tomorrow than it does today. The business is relentless in its drive and pursuit for continuous improvement, working to improve every aspect of business for greater output and quality performance for customers to enjoy. Addison offers the full range of “cradle to grave” engineering project management and support services. The engineering services spans from a minor drawing update for just £100, to the largest project to date at over £90m. The company’s manufacturing experience enables it to advise, support and improve on client’s requirements and, if alternative solutions are seen which provide greater efficiency or cost benefits, then Addison will promote them. The firm’s in-house engineering services include project, construction and SHE management, process engineering, engineering design for instrument, electrical, mechanical, piping, civil and structural. It also has a full range of CDM services, including principal designer and principal contractor. There are also a range of specialist services, including the provision of engineering resources, Apr21666 An engineering company with a difference, Addison Project is family-owned, has state-of-the-art facilities, and more than 30 years’ worth of experience in the field. We take a closer look at the company following its success at the UK Enterprise Awards 2021. 3D laser scanning / modelling, BIM, mini process plant (Skid) design and manufacture, 4D planning DSEAR/ATEX, pipe stressing and relief calculations, and HV design engineering up to and including 33kv. Addison uses virtual reality technology during its design reviews, to guarantee the success of the construction phase prior to arriving on site. Here it can identify hazards so that it can design out the risks and avoid unplanned events. With state-of-the-art asset database systems and advanced planning software, the 3D model is visually updated at each stage of the build sequence to demonstrate construction progress and to determine if a particular area needs accelerating, so the risk of failure on missing a key date is managed and mitigated well in advance and in a timely manner. All relevant data is attached to the 3D model, including O&M manuals and all technical data. It allows for the information to be taken on site on a handheld device and used by the construction and commissioning engineers to assist with the plant start up. Handover documentation is also produced within the 3D model, including equipment data sheets, maintenance schedules, spares catalogues and purchase order information. Notwithstanding the ways in which Addison uses high technology to make its projects run more efficiently and productively, the firm believes what sets it apart from competitors is the people. The Addison team is its strongest asset and the firm employs only the very best staff available. It also instils tremendous attitudes into them to add value, not cost, to customer projects. The company works seamlessly with its extensive blue-chip clients and sub-contractors, acting as a team with a common and shared objective of delivering successful projects. As a team, everyone is responsible for delivery of safe and successful projects. This approach is adopted on all the company’s projects and support services, no matter how small the client’s requirement may be and putting its customers’ business success as its number one priority means Addison shares their goals and objectives, going the extra mile to exceed expectations with a work ethos of openness, transparency, respectfulness and trust. Not every project goes 100% to plan, and Addison deals with problems in an urgent and committed manner, with a strong sense of accountability and responsibility. This style of approach generates trust throughout its client base and in turn reciprocates and rewards it with future business. Finally, Addison has a very keen eye on the environment and is highly conscious of the potenti al impact on Co2 emissions, global warming and rising sea levels. The firm is committed to protecting the environment, preventing pollution and complying with all legislation. At Addison, there is an expanding fleet of zero emission electric vehicles and it also supplements its own energy consumption by generating electricity through 400 KW/H solar array, as well as using high performing insulation materials to avoid energy wastage from its facilities, and recycling everything where possible. Above all, safety is Addison’s number one priority and its commitment to health and safety is shown in the awarding of the RoSPA Order of Distinction, after 22 years of successive Gold Awards. Company: Addison Project PLC Web Address: