UK Enterprise Awards 2021

176 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Apr21750 Most Trusted Learning Needs Assessments Provider 2021 WSDAC Limited manages Student Disability Assessment Centres for students who have been approved for Disabled Student’s Allowance (DSA), helping with extra course costs that they may be faced with as a result of a disability, mental health condition or specific learning disability. WSDAC was founded in 2013 by Matthew Heathman and Caroline Fillery, who drew on their own neurodiverse personal experience to set out and create and more positive and supportive environment for students with disabilities/neuro-disabilities. ‘WSDAC Limited provides Student Needs Assessments to enable students to achieve their academic goals with the aid of the SDA. Our dedicated team of experienced, passionate, committed and professional staff carry out the Assessment Service and deliver the highest quality assessments, encompassing students’ needs within a friendly and relaxed environment. We empower students to access specialist equipment and support to maximize their potential throughout their studies and beyond,’ says Caroline. With many aids and services out there of a similar nature, what is it that makes WSDAC Limited the best option in the industry? Its key area of expertise is in supporting people with disabilities/ neuro-diversities and long-term medical conditions. It provides first class specialist advice and provision, using their focus and experience as a lens in addressing exclusion and promoting inclusion in general. Caroline explains, ‘Our approach has allowed us to grow, forming relationships with universities and other support providers as we continue to ensure that all of our team are committed to putting students’ needs first.’ WSDAC Limited has won multiple awards for its services throughout the Covid-19 pandemic after expanding to locations throughout the UK. Caroline continues, ‘It’s a real privilege to do the work that we do and see the difference to a student’s wellbeing. We continually adapt to new methods of teaching, learning and living; always working towards the same goal of creating positive change. Increasing access to education and learning support has always been a priority, and it’s great to see that so much has been achieved since our launch.’ As everything is continually adapting in our society and in our education system, what else can be seen from WSDAC Limited regarding trends in the industry or within the business? ‘One in five of us will be affected by a disability at some point in our lives. Between 25 and 40% of those with learning disabilities also experience mental health problems,’ Caroline explains. ‘People with disabilities/neuro-diversities and long-term medical conditions can be presented with a myriad of potential challenges engaging with everyday life and this carries across to the workplace.’ Mental and physical health have suffered a serious impact due to the Covid-19 pandemic and keeping up with any type of support can be challenging. WSDAC Limited is dedicated to ensuring that students are receiving a friendly and responsive service and have eased in the making of information accessible as it is crucial for students with a wide range of disabilities to get the full support needed. Dedicating their whole business to supporting those unable to find a safe and comforting space to learn and grow, how does internal motivation work within the team? Caroline replies, ‘We have a dedicated team of experienced, passionate, committed and professional staff who are our most valued asset. WSDAC Limited is made up of a vibrant community people who we encompass into our expanding family. The knowledge and skills they have represent the fuel that drives the engine of the business. We love what we do and what we stand for.’ Continuing to grow is a natural part of life, but are there any plans for WSDAC Limited in the future? ‘Support Connect ( ) has been born out of WSDAC Limited. This has extended the award-winning assessment services provided by WSDAC Limited. This focuses on students through DSA and supports apprentices who are identified as requiring additional learning needs. Our business ethos is a well- engineered supporting model that bridges the gap for neurodiversity and disabled individuals in education, homelife and working environments. We are working towards a future of an inclusive world by supporting and connecting people, institutes and organisations through tailored neurodiversity and inclusive practices.’ A world where support is readily available is a future in which we should all be dedicated towards; with WSDAC Limited being the leading pioneers, innovators and creators, bridging the gap in the world for neurodiverse and disabled individuals. Contact: Caroline Fillery Company: WSDAC Limited Web Address: Email: Address: Head Office Suite 5a Malvern Gate Bromwich Road St Johns Worcester WR2 4BN