UK Enterprise Awards 2021

18 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Indeed, customers can’t say enough positive things about Greener Energy Group and its staff; the strong team working both front line, carrying out home assessments, technical surveys and installations, as well as the amazing office staff who work together to process the relevant paperwork for every installation and support customers over the phone. The team works together with a streamlined process from start to finish for every job so it can ensure clients are taken through each step smoothly and always receive the best customer service. When recruiting new staff, the company makes sure for office-based roles that it only brings on enthusiastic, patient individuals with attention to detail and who are always willing to go above and beyond for the client. The same goes for its engineers and technical surveyors, with focus on only the most experienced in the sector who are confident with the products and can install to the highest standard. The management team consists of like-minded individuals who hold the same core values as the business and strive to make clients and the team happy, while working towards a greener Scotland. Meanwhile, the COVID-19 pandemic had its effects on the company, its staff and its customers, with some being negative and some being very positive at the same time. Greener Energy Group found that during lockdowns and restrictions, it was unfortunately restricted on its ability to trade. It was unable to attend clients’ homes to perform non-essential surveys or installations. This put a lot of strain on the business, as it did with a lot of others, however when the restrictions eased, it allowed the company to return to performing surveys and installations, with the uptake on interest surging. More people were focused on improving the home, reducing bills or helping the environment. There were three main reasons that clients had for making an enquiry with Greener Energy Group during the pandemic. Firstly, when faced with a fixed or reduced income from furlough schemes or loss of job, they were looking at how best to reduce the household bills. Heating and hot water is naturally one of the biggest bills and therefore sparked huge interest. Secondly, the company also found that a lot of clients were looking to spend money on improving the home, due to spending more time there during lockdowns, not being able to go out or go on holiday to spend income, along with savings which created some extra disposable income. Lastly, the third largest percentage of interest was based around the environmental aspect. When the world was ground to a halt with public transport and aviation and the closure of industrial factories, Co2 emissions were reduced drastically, and this was publicly demonstrated on news outlets using satellite images of the reduction. It gave people an indication of the effect that Co2 emissions have on the planet, along with an emotional reason to show interest in playing their part. In addition to this, the climate crisis has been growing and increasingly published. With the UK Government’s recent announcement on the aim to reach net zero carbon by 2050, people are beginning to take climate change more seriously and are realising that real change needs to be made in order to make a difference and achieve the government goal. During the lockdown, Greener Energy Group had the time to reflect on what is important to the company and at its heart, and so decided to introduce the #MakeScotlandGreener campaign. This was created to bring focus to not only eco-friendly heating systems, but also to other aspects it can add to the business to benefit the environment. In partnership with Trees for Life, Greener Energy Group will now plant a tree for every customer who receives a home assessment and quote from its experts, to play a bigger role in cutting carbon emissions in Scotland. Trees for Life is a conservation charity dedicated to revitalising wild forest in the Scottish highlands, providing space for wildlife to flourish and communities to thrive. Currently having established 44 tree planting sites and having planted nearly two million trees, its mission aligns with Greener Energy Group’s in wanting to make a difference to Scotland and to ultimately make the country greener! Trees for Life believes that the key to rewilding is people – People to enable it, people to gain from it and people to enjoy it. That is why Greener Energy Group wants to involve its customers in this project, not only for the benefit of the Highlands, but also for the feel- good factor that comes with it! Greener Energy Group hopes to continue this into the future and build on similar projects to have a bigger impact and spread awareness. It will keep improving its clients’ homes with upgraded eco-friendly systems, but it also wants to educate on the benefits of renewable heating sources and how important it is for everyone to steer away from fossil fuels and towards a renewable and electric future in order to save the planet. To help encourage the switch to an electric future, Greener Energy Group is currently offering to fit a free electric vehicle charger for every solar PV installation. Company: Greener Energy Group Contact: Shaun Woods Email: Website: