UK Enterprise Awards 2021

183 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Leading Experts in Nationwide Support Outsourcing 2021 When a business partners with The SaaSy People, it promises to handle all of their customer support enquiries via any channels they choose, at the hours they choose, including full 24/7 support. This ensures their existing customer base retains a positive impression of their business and continues to be satisfied with the level of service. Very often, growing businesses of all sizes neglect existing customers as they focus solely on acquiring new business, and this causes existing customers to quickly become dissatisfied and then churn, therefore losing the business revenue. Not only does The SaaSy People directly handle support enquiries, but it also shares its wealth of industry knowledge and best practice with its clients, quickly becoming a trusted advisor on how to support customers. It often implements additional channels to use to support the client’s customers, including a live chat function and onboarding, and it also looks to use processes such as CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) surveys to ensure the service provided is always the best that it can be. Over the last 18 months, businesses have seen an increase in the need for customer support since COVID-19 has moved a lot of in-person/ physical retail and service online, meaning a lot of businesses are having to work a lot harder to keep on top of the influx of enquiries. It’s for situations like this where The SaaSy People can offer a helping hand. Clients value The SaaSy People as it quickly becomes a trusted partner and they know they are in safe hands. It’s thanks to The SaaSy People that businesses will never miss another phone call, with every support interaction handled efficiently and professionally, leaving the customer 100% satisfied with the resolution. And with the company based in the UK, it means that its representatives have relevant local knowledge where applicable, ensuring an exceptional service. The SaaSy People’s motivated and highly committed team is the key to its success, and customer and employee satisfaction is paramount. The company’s representatives are full-time employees who are experienced and have chosen customer support as their career, so they have a passion for providing the best possible customer service. They also have the benefit of full access to Perkbox, which not only provides them with exclusive discounts and offers, but also access to a UK-based video GP platform. The future is looking bright for The SaaSy People as it is on a high-growth path; across the next 12 months and beyond it plans to help more and more businesses to solve their customer service plans, and in turn, continue to open more vacancies with its 5-star Glassdoor profile and “OpenCompany” status, allowing customer service representatives to work within the industry they are devoted to. Company: The SaaSy People Contact: Ellie Smeeton Website: May21090 The SaaSy People is a Birmingham-based company that partners with and supports growing businesses wanting to maintain a high level of support for existing customers whilst attracting new ones. Located in the heart of the city centre, the firm draws in amazing local talent and is obsessed with providing top-notch customer service.