UK Enterprise Awards 2021

185 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Natural Pet Food Brand 2021 - England The initial idea for Naturally Healthy Pets started over 25 years ago with the idea of feeding dogs a healthier and more natural diet to help combat digestive issues and maintain the overall health of pets. With the help of extensive research, Naturally Healthy Pets has now celebrated over nine years in the industry, paving a way for the future of pets and pet owners alike with natural and herbal remedies. NHP (Naturally Healthy Pets) is all about empowering and enabling as many pet owners as possible, giving each of its clients’ pets a natural diet and holistic healthcare. This ensures every pet is able to live the longest, healthiest and happiest life possible. “We support owners in changing their dogs to a more natural diet and provide unprocessed natural treats and herbal healthcare products for not just their cats and dogs, but for the owners too,” says Julie Arnold, Director at NHP. Additionally, NHP has a qualified nutrition consultant attached to its business so customers can have more access to support. Collectively, the team has many years of experience between them. “We celebrated nine years of helping owners enhance their cats and dogs diets this March which has been a great many. We do this by finding affordable, quality products that are also ethically sourced and produced,” says Julie. Natural, raw and holistic diets for animals are currently on the rise, and with NHP being one of the top companies in the market, we ask what else they’ve witnessed recently regarding the diet and health culture of pets. “We are seeing many more people getting dogs while they have been in lockdown, and they are wanting to give as natural a diet for them as possible. With the more natural diets, we have been seeing a positive reaction towards them and pets have been thriving once the fillers have been cut out.” Julie continues, “The pet’s diet just becomes purer and this has such a positive effect on the coat, digestion, mood, behaviour and oral care of the animals.” The raw feeding community in the UK benefits greatly by having more naturally grass-fed sheep and cattle, as it directly impacts the quality of products used in its ethically sourced foods. NHP locates quality products by using only DEFRA Licensed suppliers in the UK. Julie says, “We are mainly a family business, and we all have a keen interest in the health and welfare of cats and dogs. We support local rescues, are a drop-off point for items for rescues, and support ‘Rescue & Animal Care,’ ‘Luna Animal Rescue’ and ‘Bruno’s Animal Haven.’ We are all forever learning and furthering our knowledge and experience and we work hard to keep up to date with the latest studies and information.” With the COVID-19 pandemic, NHP is focussing on helping its customers feel welcome and comfortable. “We want our business to be a place where customers don’t feel any stress. We want them to be assured that their pet is getting the best quality products in our natural diet and healthcare without any sales tactics or being overwhelmed with the inherent science of it all. We just want to be a helping hand they can trust,” says Julie. As for the future of NHP, “We are looking to progress and develop further to provide the best and quickest support we can. We recently updated our till software to a more efficient and up to date system so that we can give our customers the best service possible.” Julie continues, “We are also amid looking at new options with our products such as different delivery methods and more affordable subscription bundles on our dried-health range. Additionally, we are turning one of our rooms into a room for hire, so other local businesses can showcase their products to our customers, and we can offer our customers a larger range of services, such as a consultation room for our nutrition consultant or a day photo studio for customers to get professional photography done of their pet while they wait for their order to be completed in the shop. We have a scheme where other pet businesses can advertise their business with us to help our customers and other businesses alike to find each other.” Naturally Healthy Pets is growing and with that, so is the community and the demand for high quality, healthy products and remedies for pets. Who better to look after your pets than the company who has won Best Natural Pet Food Brand, 2021. Company: Naturally Healthy Dogs Ltd Contact: Julie Arnold Web Address: Email: Address: 2H Wireless Station, Chestnut Lane, Kneesworth, Cambs SG8 5JH May21132 Naturally Healthy Dogs Ltd (trading as Naturally Healthy Pets) has the best quality products it can find, making it easier for pet owners to be able to get holistic and natural products so pets can thrive and live a long, happy and healthy life.