UK Enterprise Awards 2021

186 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Mobile Food & Drink Supplier - London London-based events company Bar Brothers Events Limited is taking the world of mobile bartending by storm. Its mixology of fun, talent and expertise is an irresistible cocktail that’s guaranteed to get any party popping. Bar Brothers Events is a professional mobile bar hire, catering and events agency. Based in London, the company covers areas as far afield as Liverpool and Cardiff. It caters for all kinds of events, from small family gatherings to weddings and corporate events. Bar Brothers Events is no ordinary events agency. Services range from standard bar hire through to the exotically named Mixologists and Flair Bartenders. Not only do the expert staff produce enticing cocktails made from the best ingredients, but they also go all out to create an entertaining atmosphere at every event. We asked founder and director, Danilo Levato, to tell us what he believes differentiates the firm from its competitors: “What makes us different from the rest is our flexibility. We want to ensure we meet every guest’s expectation. We go above and beyond to make sure everyone in the room is happy with the service.” Danilo also believes that being able to tailor packages around specific budgets is important. The company recognises that clients may be working to a strict budget and they respect that. They work with the client to make sure everything is perfect. Bar Brothers Events aim to provide every client with value for money. When it comes to the main event, they want clients to be worry-free and concentrate on enjoying themselves. Time-saving Bar Packages are a very popular choice. These tidy bundles provide everything you need for a fun night in one easy stress-free package. From the professional bartender, right through to the glasses, ice and garnishes, everything is taken care of. The company only hires the very best Mixologists too. These guys and girls don’t make cocktails because it’s their job, it’s their passion too. They’ll pull out all the stops to impress every guest at the party. Then there are the Flair bartenders. Made popular way back in 1988 when Tom Cruise and Bryan Brown wowed customers with their showmanship in the cinema blockbuster, Cocktail, today, flair bartending is as popular as ever. Both bartender and entertainer, the flair bartender is a fabulous addition to any gathering. Bar Brothers Events only employs the best of the best. As such, the team at Bar Brothers Events are the key to its success. When recruiting new staff, Danilo looks for friendly, professional, customer- focused people. As with every great cocktail, there is a key ingredient, and to work at Bar Brothers Events, that’s personality. Staff need to be able to spread happiness across any room and ensure that every event is a memorable one. The firm offers Cocktail Masterclasses for private parties and corporate events too. A top-class mixologist teaches guests how to prepare delicious cocktails. They then challenge participants to find who amongst them is the best cocktail maker. The classes create a fun atmosphere from the start and have proved immensely popular. So much so that in lockdown it decided to take its Cocktail Masterclass online, successfully transitioning into the world of virtual events. Since launching their online classes, the company has entertained over 20,000 people across the UK. Among them are leading brands such as Google, Barclays, Amazon, Facebook, the NHS, Tik Tok and Marks & Spencer. Whether you’d like to serve your guests a traditional Long Island Ice Tea, learn how to make a fashionable Espresso Martini, or relax and sip a cool Mojito at your next party, you’re in expert hands with Bar Brothers Events Limited. Contact: Danilo Levato Company: Bar Brothers Events Ltd Web Address: May21058