UK Enterprise Awards 2021

190 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Most Innovative Metals Investment Dealership - London Becoming increasingly popular as an investment option is the buying and selling of gold bullion, as it is seen by many as a more stable investment. We speak to the founder of the leading bullion buying platform, Central Bullion, to find out more about this industry, the process of buying bullion and what it entails. Central Bullion Ltd is a private company which owns and operates the Central Bullion Platform at – the number one investment bullion platform with a peer-to-peer market where private and business users can easily achieve the best buying and selling prices for silver and gold. Buying and selling directly with other Central Bullion registered users cuts out the middleman (such as the retailer or professional dealer) to the mutual financial advantage of both the seller and the purchaser. Therefore, more often than not, buying gold and silver on the Central Bullion Market is the cheapest way to buy gold and silver bullion. With a host of unique and useful functions to enable users to efficiently manage and benefit from their precious metal investments, the Central Bullion Platform is simple and intuitive enough for anyone to use. It also includes handy video tutorials to refer to, plus the low-cost service pricing is fully transparent with no hidden extras. Central Bullion founder, Paul Gill, has four decades of international industry experience. He believed that there could be an alternative and effective method of easy access to professional grade bullion investing and trading for private and business investors. He was aware that enabling investors with such a service would mean that they did not need to rely upon financial institutions and governments with apparent deficits of financial responsibility and the modern currencies and paper-based value systems with unreliable worldwide investment value. Historically, precious metals like gold and silver bullion have not suffered from the boom-and-bust cycle which is prevalent in many other forms of investment. This is the main reason that many investors, banks, companies and organisations consider investing in precious metals a significantly more stable investment. In addition, Paul could see that integrating a payment system into the Central Bullion Platform would enable anyone to send and receive precious metal as payments or gifts, no matter which country they reside in, thus avoiding the high costs of currency conversion. “We have a commitment to excellence in all facets of our business that is second to none,” Paul explains. Central Bullion purchases precious metal investment bullion bars of the highest fineness and purity, produced to exacting quality control standards and supplied directly to the company from LMBA (London Bullion Market Association) accredited refiners. In 1750, the Bank of England set up the London Good Delivery List for gold which formally recognised those refineries which produced gold bars to the required standard. Today, LBMA owns and manages the Good Delivery Lists for both gold and silver. When a purchaser buys gold investment bullion from other registered users, they are buying grams of gold, which is a share of a ‘pool’ of Gold in the form of approved LBMA gold investment bullion bars. Each gram purchased is allocated to the purchaser who then has legal ownership of that investment bullion. The many benefits of using a platform such as Central Bullion is that the investment is fully insured, with no fixed term contracts, and VAT exempt. The popularity of the Central Bullion Platform is growing as more and more private and business investors are profiting from the unique range of useful investing, saving and money-making services. “Our respected global reputation for our low prices, transparency, partner credibility, responsiveness and reliability is evident in our exponentially growing international customer database,” concludes Paul. Company: Central Bullion Web Address: May21195