UK Enterprise Awards 2021

200 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Turbo & Electronic Actuator Repair Specialist 2021 Specialising in the diagnosis and repair of turbochargers, Turbos Specialist is always ready to give a turbine a new lease of life! We take a more in-depth look at the firm in the wake of it being awarded Best Turbo & Electronic Actuator Repair Specialist 2021. Turbos Specialist is a family established business in the automotive industry with a knowledge about cars that has been passed down over many generations. Specialising in turbocharger remanufactures, repairs and maintenance (both mechanical and electronic parts), Turbos Specialist also works with any challenging power-related issues that cars may experience. The company’s main clients include other mechanics and auto repair services, however it does cater to individuals as well, with its main goal being to help people by providing the best quality service it can. Not everyone is familiar with the technical side of cars, so Turbos Specialist’s promise to the customer is to fix the vehicle and give full guidance and support for aftercare. This includes identifying the problem and finding the cause of it to make sure the fault will not appear again. The company’s main point of difference from its competitors is that it can fix any turbocharger, on or off any vehicle or machine - car, van, truck, marine or any machinery turbocharger. A trained specialist will replace the broken part with new, high-quality parts and can manufacture, adapt, and repair the machinery-needed parts. The team at Turbos Specialist are all committed to the same customer-centric ethos and the company believes that staff can provide good service only if they are comfortable about what they are doing and have all the necessary tools. As we live in the rapidly changing technology age, staff at Turbos Specialist have the opportunity to attend courses to update and learn new skills, and when hiring new staff, the company looks for hardworking individuals, who are motivated to learn new skills and who are also enthusiastic about cars. At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Turbos Specialist noticed an increase in online sales, as well as its pick-up and delivery services which operate throughout the UK, being used more often than before. However, as online sales grew in all the industries, it had a huge knock-on effect on delivery times, with delays being experienced with parts and customer turbochargers, which ultimately caused a delay in repairing. Soon, Turbos Specialist is planning to expand its services to electrical issues repair, programming and carbon cleaning services as well. Regarding the future, the company is dedicated to ensuring it can continue to provide the best services to customers using high tech equipment and machinery. Contact: Agne Cernuchinaite Company: Turbos Specialist Ltd Web Address: May21427