UK Enterprise Awards 2021

205 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Term Contracts Consultancy Service 2021 Established in 1985, NSR Management Ltd is owned and managed by David Fairbrother and facilitated by his dedicated team to provide a nationwide service to its clients. NSR has the knowledge and tools to help organisations which are looking to adopt digital solutions to manage their built environment. “We produce 11 schedules of rates annually and are due to release a retrofit schedule and work hand-in-hand with many businesses who are aiming to reach carbon neutral,” explains David. NSR Management’s new retrofit schedule has been compiled from existing rates that are contained in the standard building, mechanical and electrical schedules. By doing this, it will give the user the benefit of access to all the rates used in carrying out the retrofit measures outlined in PASS 2035 and PASS 2038 for both domestic and commercial retrofitting. As signatories to the open letter sent to the Government back in June calling for a green Coronavirus recovery plan, and members of the UK Green Building Council, NSR Management is ideally placed to advise and enable property owners to set up and manage retrofit schemes. NSR is registered with The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) and featured in The Parliamentary Review for Best Practice. NSR produces Schedules of Rates which encompass repairs and maintenance works for building, electrical, mechanical, highways, painting and decorating, housing, access and adaptations works. “Our consultants can create bespoke schedules or adapt and import Schedules for clients that have items that are bespoke to your business,” David elaborates. “Our material and plant costs for items in the Schedules are researched and updated annually along with our consultants recalculating labour rates in accordance with the latest trade agreements.” Term maintenance contracting is a way of getting works carried out at pre-agreed, competitively tendered prices when the actual work required isn’t fully known or can’t be fully quantified. NSR’s consultants can assist in setting up measured term contracts and can provide specific training, teaching the best practice in term maintenance and using the NSR schedules of rates. MTC QS is a web-based contract management system that has been developed by our QSs to meet the specific needs related to measured term contracts, although it is flexible enough for use on other types of contracts. “MTC QS houses our Schedule of Rates data and takes the effort out of finding prices, managing contracts and producing estimates and invoices.” The software can be used for pricing programmed and reactive maintenance. Clients can choose which schedules are required and configure the contracts for the adjustments tendered. NSR’s software works for clients, client representatives, QSs, contractors and subcontractors. MTC QS enables data flow from client to contractor and then from contractor to subcontractor. This ensures that clients are ahead of the game and allows them to keep their budgets on track with a clear audit trail. MTC QS software allows clients to see the progress of each job and track any history changes. The software has the ability to attach unlimited files in any format such as drawings, specifications, certificates and photographs and more to keep all the relevant information in one place. “It enables you to add assets and create contracts for multiple contractors, adding the assets required for each contractor,” says David. “Once a contract is set up the client can then simply call off the works and there is no waiting to tender/ price each task because you know the values in the schedules will be applied, meaning the works can commence much quicker on site with the knowledge you are getting the best value, as you have already pre agreed and set your contract with the contractors.” As well as training in the best use of MTC, NSR can also help clients from inception through to implementation of the contracts, advising clients on the best way to prepare the tender documents to ensure the smooth running of the contract once it has been awarded, and also assisting Contractors who may be unfamiliar with MTC’s. This can be as simple as a telephone conversation or more formal assistance via Zoom. Our consultants tailor the training packages to meet the needs of each individual business and teach the users the most efficient way for them to use MTCQS, create measures, valuations and contracts. Once a measured term contract is in place it can be reviewed and the measures audited and prepared by contractors to ensure the correct and appropriate use of the rates. This is normally a desk-based audit based on information provided, but again, site visits are easily accommodated where appropriate and charged on a daily consultancy fee, in keeping with NSR’s commitment to delivering services that suit the needs of its clients. Contact: David Fairbrother Company: NSR Management Ltd Web Address: With 30 years of experience in publishing Schedules of Rates for the Built Environment, NSR Management is the trusted name in Term Maintenance Contracting for Buildings and Highways. We find out more from the company owner in the wake of it being awarded Best Term Contracts Consultancy Service 2021. May21520