UK Enterprise Awards 2021

209 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Ultrasonic Instruments Manufacturer 2021 Established in 1998, Link Instruments is a world leader in the design and manufacture of ultrasonic instruments. In addition to producing a range of level indicators, the Hampshire based company supplies a variety of gas detectors, gas leak detectors and thickness gauges for use in the fire safety, marine, oil, gas and other industries. It also specialises in custom electronic development and small-scale production. One of its main product lines are hand-held instruments that use ultrasound to determine the liquid fill level of fire extinguishers. Using ultrasonic technology, Link’s products can test the level of the liquid gas contents of a fire extinguisher in just seconds, thereby saving time and money for engineers worldwide. Indeed, according to Link, clients are able to see a 75% reduction in time spent identifying a cylinder’s contents compared to the traditional weighing methods. A unique ATEX approved version allows the cylinders to be checked without interrupting normal operation in hazardous areas such as on LPG tankers. Dominique Christie, Company Director at Link Instruments, tells us a little bit more about the firm. “Link manufactures instruments for use in extreme environments and high-risk industries,” he explains. “We know that lives can depend on the accuracy and reliability of our devices which is why we put our instruments through stringent tests and approvals to meet worldwide classification – including UL and ATEX.” Clients around the world know that they can trust Link Instruments to deliver. Due to the company’s extensive facilities, it is able to offer comprehensive repair, re-calibration and spares services in house. “Our knowledge and technical expertise spans many years and we’ve worked for many sectors, gaining a wealth of experience within industrial and domestic control applications,” states Iain. “Being experts in our industry, we also understand the importance of a quick turnaround. All Link manufactured products can be with you within a few days, wherever you are in the world.” As the firm celebrates success this year at the UK Enterprise Awards 2021, Iain and his team are able to look ahead with optimism to a long future of providing efficient services that can enhance the work carried out in extreme and high risk industries. Contact: Dominique Christie Company: Link Instruments Ltd Web Address: Ultrasonic instruments manufacturer, Link Instruments, operates within the UK and worldwide, providing quality products and services to ensure continued customer satisfaction. We speak to Director, Dominique Christie, in the wake of the firm being awarded the prestigious title of Best Ultrasonic Instruments Manufacturer 2021. May21581