UK Enterprise Awards 2021

219 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Most Innovative Global Digital Marketing Agency 2021 Bad communication, lack of personality, and treating clients as numbers, not real people. These were all things that actor Tom Jauncey observed in his time working for large agencies. Tom watched the corporate agencies let their clients down time and again. It was time to make a change. He brought together an experienced multi- disciplinary team of developers, designers and marketers, all set to revolutionise the digital marketing world. Their aim: to create a bespoke service solution that stood out from the crowd. Nautilus started life as a social media agency but the client base grew, and clients began requesting other services. Today, the agency provides a host of additional services that include Web and App Development, website hosting, maintenance, Graphic Design, SEO, Content Creation, and photography and videography. And it doesn’t stop there. The team are always learning and working to improve their processes, striving to offer their clients the best possible service. Nautilus has gained a reputation for its ability to work with and add value to any business. From HR businesses and Law practices to tree surgeons, from medical professionals to performing arts schools and even bagpipe specialists, the Nautilus client base is impressively diverse. Based in London, the company has now gained global reach, currently working with clients in the USA, Australia and France, to name but a few countries. Tom takes great pride in the personal approach that Nautilus gives its clients: “We love our clients, many of whom have been with us for several years and love the services we provide. It may sound cliché but our business is built on our relationship with our clients. “Repeat business and growth stems from great work that keeps our clients coming back for more – not sales pitches, but a true relationship with quantifiable results.” The team like to do things differently – they call it their out-of-the-box approach. The last thing they want to be is boring. They are proud of their “non- corporate” identity. “There’s a real culture of fun in the company and everyone loves what they do. The team describe themselves as the ‘Nauti Nerds’ – ‘Nauti’ because they like to cause mischief, and nerds, because, well, they are actual nerds!” When the pandemic first hit, Nautilus was inundated with new customers who needed to get their new websites up and running, and fast. Many had never operated a business online before. Nautilus pulled out all the stops to turn around a huge amount of work in a very short time, testimony indeed to their commitment to their customers. The team built more than twenty take-away systems for restaurants from scratch in a month! Moreover, Nautilus shows even more commitment to customer focus in their free content. The company’s blog is crammed full of helpful tips and advice for followers, with subjects covering, Find out how to get more customer engagement on Facebook; Grab a list of free SEO tools; or Find out how to grow your B2B connections on LinkedIn. Tom and the Nauti Nerds host an entertaining weekly podcast too. There is a new episode every Friday, in which they present helpful marketing and business tips for both aspiring and fully- fledged Nerds. You can find the podcast at podcast/ or on your favourite podcast platform. Befitting of its name, Nautilus has recently become a benefactor of marine conservation around the world. At the beginning of 2021, Nautilus made a commitment to help as many marine charities as possible. One such is Surfers Against Sewage, a charity that works to build awareness and encourage action to clean up our oceans. It is clear to see that Tom and his crew are definitely making a positive impact on the world of digital marketing, and the planet too. Contact: Tom Jauncey Company: Nautilus Marketing Web Address: Nautilus Marketing is a digital marketing agency with a difference. During his time working for large marketing agencies, former actor, Tom Jauncey, became disillusioned with the way the big firms treated their clients. He decided to do things differently. Nautilus and the Nauti Nerds were born. May21702