UK Enterprise Awards 2021

227 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Dog Training Enterprise 2021 – East Anglia MyLuka Dog Training Solutions (MyLuka) focuses on providing motivational game-based dog training for all the family, in order for everyone to have fun and build a relationship with their dog that they can be truly proud of. Set up by Julie Carter, MyLuka inspires and empowers dog and puppy parents to create a strong bond utilising positive reinforcement training. Through knowledge and experience, Julie brings the energy, enthusiasm and fun back into training and together with support, respect and positivity to learn how to bring back the spark to enable humans and dogs to live together in harmony. “I support the whole family, not just the dog or puppy,” elaborates Julie, explaining her ethos. “We are all learning together as a team and at the core is building a strong relationship that grows and grows. With motivation comes the joy and once you bring the fun back into training through games then the possibilities are limitless.” Julie, who is a Pro Dog Trainer and Affiliate Partner with Absolute Dogs in Devon, works on building confidence, focus, proximity, engagement, disengagement from the environment, recall and loose lead walking, all of which is achieved by playing fun three-minute games throughout the day using a dog’s daily food allowance – and no need for treats! “I love to see a dog working for their food,” she enthuses. “But my unique selling point is building a strong relationship between dog, puppy and parents to get the results they want in a fun, positive and enthusiastic way to encourage a willingness to keep learning and training. If it’s fun it’s likely to be done!” Julie’s focus isn’t just on the dog but on the needs of the parents as well. This is because it can often be a lack of confidence that is at the root of some struggles. “Dog training is a learning experience for everyone, not just the dog, and I respect everyone that takes the time and effort to create a wonderful future for themselves and their dog.” Despite the Covid-19 pandemic halting much of the UK, and indeed the world, Julie actually experienced an increase in her services, particularly puppy training, due to the lack of socialisation that parents have been able to do. Being able to work outside enabled Julie to largely carry on with her business and, although she was faced with some restrictions, Zoom consultations also worked very well for her during periods of lockdown. “My plans for 2021 and beyond are to support as many puppies, dogs and parents as I can through 1-2-1 dog training in a fun, inspiring and motivational way to keep strong relationships and avoid breakdowns, re-homing and dangerous behaviours from occurring.” Contact: Julie Carter Company: MyLuka Dog Training Solutions Web Address: Teaching your puppy from an early age what you do want will prevent them learning behaviours that you don’t want! Julie Carter, of MyLuka Dog Training Solutions, tells us more about how she works to instil harmony in the human/ dog relationship. Jun21096