UK Enterprise Awards 2021

228 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 First Aid Training & Event Cover Provider of the Year – North West England Providing first aid training and event first aid coverage, Lakes Medics is the obvious choice for your festival or event. With highly trained, competent staff, and the latest medical equipment to hand, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. We take a closer look at the company in the wake of it being awarded the title of First Aid Training & Event Cover Provider of the Year for the North West of England. Based in Kendal, Cumbria, Lakes Medics offers high-quality first aid training and event cover, locally and nationwide, as well as internationally. All event medics, first aiders and event staff are all fully qualified above and beyond being basic first aiders, with the majority being either medics, EMTs, advanced first aiders or working with the ambulance service or other emergency services. All have many additional skills and can administer medical gases (Oxygen and Entonox analgesic gas), perform heart monitoring (ECG’s), airway management and are trained in immobilisation techniques. Lakes Medics also has a number of vehicles in its fleet, from ambulances, 4×4 ambulances, Land Rovers and response cars, not to mention two medical trailer units. As well as providing event first aid, Lakes Medics also runs first aid courses for people who simply want a basic understanding for their own benefit. These are particularly popular with those who have recently become new parents, carers or grandparents. The courses on offer are regulated and HSE compliant for a vast array of companies, as well as being OFSTED approved for those working within the childcare sector. All of the firm’s training staff are qualified instructors and they all have a background within the healthcare sector or the emergency services. There are several key differentiators between Lakes Medics and other companies operating in a similar industry which clearly sets it aside. These are the company’s guarantee of at least one defibrillator, oxygen and a qualified operator present at every event covered, no matter how small; that all equipment is tested and calibrated on an annual basis, ensuring its working to within the strictest of parameters; that the medical team hold qualifications and are re-assessed regularly to ensure their continued competence. They are also required to attend regular training. All volunteers are required to keep a clinical portfolio of professional development. Moreover, Lakes Medics volunteers and staff members are subject to a DBS (criminal records) checks. This is also re-checked on a regular basis by a dedicated manager who is on call whenever events are in operation to help assist clients and provide clinical and procedural support for the team. Whether it’s a music festival, concert, sporting event or local village fete, it couldn’t be easier to get started with Lakes Medics and book. After a staff member has received your initial phone call or internet enquiry, the team will put together a plan of action in line with best practice and current health and safety recommendations, always aiming to supply a quote on the same day as the initial enquiry and, often, within the hour. The team will work with you to determine which requirements are best suited to your event, not only to ensure a high level of skill and safety, but the most cost effective to you as well. Once your booking has been confirmed, Lakes Medics will address any further details you require advice on to ensure your event runs as smoothly as possible. On the day itself, the Lakes Medics staff will arrive and liaise with your team, working together throughout the event wherever necessary. You can be confident that Lakes Medics can deal with any emergency or illness that may arise and will be happy to assist from the moment you make the initial contact until after the event. Company: Lakes Medics Web Address: May21289