UK Enterprise Awards 2021

229 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Laser Tag Centre of the Year 2021 - East of England Live Action Gaming (which trades as Rumble Live) is the UK’s latest live action gaming event, set deep in the heart of a woodland area, at Grafham Water, Cambridgeshire. Using the best laser tag equipment, and the latest technology available, it promises to deliver an action-packed experience quite unlike any other! Featuring a massive 14,000 square metres of woodland, with three large bases at each team baseline, two 15ft sniper towers and over 70 hides, Rumble Live can accommodate up to 40 gamers at a time. The eight acres of woodland at Grafham Water is split up into three zones or ‘maps’, with each one having a central Ranger’s cabin from where the games are controlled. The cabins boast a large screen TV which displays your team and individual stats at the end of each mission. After your initial briefing, and once you’re kitted out, you’ll get an hour of game time in one of the three ‘maps’. There, you’ll be set missions to complete by the dedicated team of Rumble Rangers. Most games you’ll play as a team but in some you’ll be on your own! Search for the hidden ‘utility boxes’ in the woods and be rewarded with extra ammo, more lives and special weapons. It’s really important that you listen carefully to the briefing before you start your session and to the Rumble Rangers when you’re in the arena. They’re there to make sure you have an amazing time, but also to keep you safe. The Rumble kit you’ll be assigned is second to none. Your rifle is fitted with a ‘red-dot’ sight which can pick out your target over 200 metres away with pin-point accuracy. And, with literally dozens of different weapon types to discover, you can be sure to find the right tool for the job! Your rifle is a very special piece of kit. Switch between your primary and secondary gun depending on the job in hand. Unlock better weapons through ‘kill streaks’ or find hidden utility boxes to be rewarded with special equipment to give you the edge over the enemy. Rumble Live caters to groups and parties of all sizes and ages, from family experiences, through to stag and hen dos, corporate team building events, or even just a group of friends celebrating a special event, Rumble is sure to be able to accommodate you. Your Rumble experience can come in all shapes and sizes – there’s so much space available and millions of potential game combinations, meaning every experience is unique. With such an innovative offering, it’s no wonder that Live Action Gaming/Rumble Live has recently been awarded the prestigious accolade of Laser Tag Centre of the Year 2021 for the East of England. Take a look online and get your Rumble on! Company: Live Action Gaming Ltd (Rumble Live) Web Address: Get ready to Rumble at the UK’s premier live action gaming arena! Live Action Gaming is a laser tag game like no other - set in stunning woodland and using the latest technology, you’ll enjoy an incredible live gaming experience! May21422