UK Enterprise Awards 2021

235 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Social Media Marketing Agency- London Snob Monkey is an award-winning, results-driven digital marketing agency based in Central London helping businesses grow their brand online. A passionate team of digital marketers and web developers, Snob Monkey’s sole purpose is to optimise brand identity and online presence for companies. As a digital marketing agency, it performs all aspects of marketing with a customised strategy for each business, providing solutions across all platforms to keep a company at the top of its market with the intention that it will never have to worry about its social presence. “We develop strategies, create content, launch campaigns and much more,” enthuses Umran Malik, Founder and CEO. “All to inspire people and generate interest in our client’s brand. From social media marketing and SEO to web development and logo design, you will be sure to find a solution that fits your business goals and enhances your brand identity.” Snob Monkey works by focusing on certain key marketing components in order to enforce a company’s brand, these include brand awareness; brand reputation; and return on investment. “Brand awareness and reputation is very important and not easy to maintain, especially online. We pride ourselves in making sure your brand is recognised in the highest regard,” continues Umran. “Whatever you invest with us should be returned many times over through revenue generated online, or through the efficiency of the services we provide.” The company’s client portfolio includes a wide range of different businesses of all sizes from different industries such as hospitality, education, law firms and much more, and it includes big names such as Creams Café, Save the and Cerulean Law. “The main factor that makes Snob Monkey different from other digital marketing agencies is the fact that we never outsource any of our services,” elaborates Umran. “Our staff in our Central London office create all our work. This way we can ensure the quality of work and provide our clients with responsive and good customer service.” The dedicated team at Snob Monkey is very passionate about their work and Umran believes that his strong staff base is the key to the company’s overall success. He operates a relaxed and fun atmosphere with the aim to create a space where employees feel safe to express their opinions and get along with each other. “When coming into work, they do not feel like it is a daily task,” he enthuses. “They come in with the desire to create good work and have fun. Coming to work every day is something the everyone looks forward to. “Good staff make all the difference – they need to have the motivation and expertise for the job. More important, my team is always willing to expand their skillset by taking over more tasks and attending additional courses.” During the COVID-19 lockdowns, business became very quiet for Snob Monkey. Many businesses halted their marketing activities thinking they did not need to promote anymore, however the firms that continued their marketing benefited from connections built during and after lockdown, which helped them to pick up quicker. “Towards the end of lockdown, we got many new clients and requests to be ready for the lifting of restrictions,” Umran explains. “A huge benefit for the digital marketing industry was that businesses finally realised the importance of having a good online presence. They were able to connect with audiences and build relationships. If people are stuck at home, the only way you can reach them is via social media and websites.” Regarding the future, the plan is to expand the team at Snob Monkey, in line with its ever-growing list of clients. With such a successful 12 months behind it, it’s no wonder that the company was recently awarded the title of Best Social Media Marketing Agency – London. “Our portfolio has been significantly growing over the years, which is why we are now in a very good position and looking for more talent to join us during this growth,” Umran states. “We aim to continue to gain more clients and become one of the top competitors in digital marketing within the Greater London area.” Contact: Umran Malik Company: Snob Monkey Ltd Web Address: Committed to increasing its clients’ brand value through digital marketing, Snob Monkey has gone from strength-to- strength over the last 12 months and is poised for further growth. CEO Umran Malik tells us more. Jun21129