UK Enterprise Awards 2021

238 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Eco Camping & Leisure Ltd Eco Camping & Leisure Ltd understands what it means to really enjoy camping, especially in a world where sustainability is more important than ever. Let’s have a closer look into the way this company has designed, created, and marketed their innovative equipment. Eco Camping & Leisure Ltd made their debut at the National Park & Holiday Homes Show in Newbury. They followed this up with the South West Expo in Swindon and The Business Show in London, all in 2015. Six years later, Eco Camping & Leisure has won the Best Sustainable Camping Solutions Provider 2021 by continuing to produce top quality equipment and living quarters for such a specialist market. In 2015, they exhibited three innovative tent designs for a mixture of purposes. Their managing director, Ana Aires, told us that their animal tents are domes that use “natural, recyclable and low carbon materials to serve other customers’ preferences with a compact, quick and affordable as well as cheap to run solution”. While it was made clear by the time that the company was working on a number of different animal shape product designs and intended to further develop them with different materials to serve different customer needs, the company decided to publish three initial designs: Ladybird, Ninja Turtle and Bee. Made with tarpaulin and nylon, they are sustainable and long-wearing pieces for equipment that can be enjoyed by children and adults in all types of settings. These tents work well in small family gardens, school playgrounds and campsites. We found that the Bee is particularly interesting because not only is heat-sealed inflatable, but it can last up to a few days without constant electricity connection with the need to do some top ups of air from time to time; this also reduces noise and energy consumption. If you’re looking for something different and more sustainable, these tents offer a quick set up for the outdoor community lovers but could also be used in emergency operations such as family/school events. Initially, these tents were manufactured to fit underneath climbing frames which would further enhance a child’s first camping experience by making them a mini adventure playground. This is a great way to get kids involved in camping and exploring with family and friends, increasing their coordination skills and overall concentration. After these designs, Eco Camping & Leisure then went on to forming and registering over 200 product designs. Always weaving together their experience and their audience’s needs into the materials they use, the company reduces carbon footprints to raise happiness in consumers. There are more products that are currently in the pipeline, such as the Unicorn and football tents, umbrellas, space hoppers, pillows and sleeping bags. They are also looking at building “the next generation” and registered designs for the Ladybird, Ninja Turtle and Bee cabins. However, there will be a survey to help the company to understand the needs and wants of their customers. It’s not just about camping for the kids, it’s about everyone. And when it comes to camping and living, it’s about every need. When it comes to adults who are looking for tents/geodesic domes/ mobile eco lodges and homes, Eco Camping & Leisure has you covered. The company specialises in Passive House buildings, which were originally created to rigorous energy efficient design standards. Energy is reused and recycled in a way that decreases its overall carbon footprint. These permanent living/glamping solutions inspire those using and staying in them. If a living space can be so efficient and environmentally friendly then surely everything else can be, too. This “next generation” of products will be a “more robust solution in hurricanes and earthquake zones” as well as in line with the Passive House regulations. What sets them apart from the rest is their use of design and materials in creating modern and functional spaces. “In terms of building methods there are a few Eco design systems that Ana has identified to be a potential match to further develop these products from fiberglass, wooden made structures, SIPs to a more expensive solution made with CLT (Cross Laminated Timber)”. These materials can be used to finish the product in a more energy efficient way. All their products will have an expert finish. They will be airtight, insulated, and ready for all weather conditions and when possible, make use of local materials weather the site in the UK or outside. As Ana describes, “the site where they will be placed is an important factor to consider and determines the need of a suitable Eco Design System”. Due to being ‘classified under temporary or permanent use’, some sites “could also come with a quick and ready-made insulated slab or foundation made of breathable materials like hempcrete, timber or ICF (Insulated Concrete Framework)”. Depending on where they are being placed, some sites will need this reinforcement, but it isn’t a problem for Eco Camping & Leisure. They come equipped with plenty of experience. Overall, Eco Camping & Leisure specialises in creating long-lasting materials as well as memories. And whether you’re looking for a permanent home, finding something for the kids, or on holiday, why not be someone who goes that extra mile to take care of the environment too? Contact: Ana Aires Company: Eco Camping & Leisure Ltd Web Address: May21717 Best Sustainable Camping Solutions Provider 2021