UK Enterprise Awards 2021

242 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Hair Loss Treatment Clinic - Midlands A company pushing the boundaries of such a specialist area, Optima Hair Specialists Ltd is a fast growing, non- surgical hair loss clinic based in the West Midlands, helping individuals to find more self-confidence and pride in their appearance. We spoke to Gemma Campbell from the Optima team about celebrating its recent award. Optima Hair Specialists challenges the hair loss market and cuts through its competition by using the highest quality hair integration systems. Optima Hair understands what it means to be self-conscious about hair loss and promotes the best treatment for those who want it. Gemma Campbell says, “we strive to always provide excellent customer service in a stylish, private and relaxed environment”. Hair replacement can be so much more than a wig or a toupee and, through Optima, it can truly change someone’s life in as little as two hours. The firm specialises in laser treatments, micro pigmentation, and natural hair systems. As the largest single clinic in the UK, it has 15 private styling areas and eight laser therapy suites. Gemma says, “we have continually put the time and effort into developing the services and products we offer so our clients can get the best out of their programme.” Gemma tells us that over the last 15 years, Optima has seen its client base’s average age drop to a significant degree. This has seen them invest time in developing more ways to understand, respond to and respect the typically younger client’s styles and lifestyle requirements. Consequently, the clinic has helped individuals from aged just four years to eighty years and continues to produce new ideas that differentiate it from its competitors. Gemma says, “attitude is everything” when it comes to working for Optima Hair Specialists. It has a mixed team of tenacious individuals, all bringing something unique to the table. Everyone works hard but has a good time doing it, and if you’re making such a positive difference to people’s lives then how can you not feel good at work! In addition, having worked with Birmingham Children’s Hospital for years, Optima is a proud gold partner of the Little Princess Trust, who offer a service for children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments and other conditions. The pandemic has brought challenges to every business and it is no different for Optima. The pandemic has meant that clients were not able to go to the clinic throughout the first lockdown and have had to adapt their hair loss solutions for a short while. But with the power of PPE and the recognised medical classification of the business it can now rest assured that it can remain open for its clients. After the worst of COVID-19, Optima is picking up where it left off for the future. It is always working on ways to adapt its business model or practices to make sure it remains at the forefront of the industry. Now that it has won this award, it will draw even more attention to itself. Along with the decline of people’s mental health throughout the pandemic, self-confidence and self-esteem has been knocked greatly for many people. So, it is crucial to have places like Optima where individuals can get impartial advice and more importantly effective solutions to their hair loss concerns. The future for Optima promises even more growth and fulfilment that extends for many years to come. With a rich history behind it, clients know they can trust this specialist business to deliver complete, lifechanging treatments for all. Contact: Gemma Campbell Company: Optima Hair Specialists Ltd Jul21010