UK Enterprise Awards 2021

250 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Emerging Digital Transformation Consultancy 2021 Founded in 2019, Pracctic is a global digital transformation consultancy firm which exists to help start-up to medium-sized businesses scale their vision by identifying gaps in their services and providing outstanding digital transformations. Pracctic’s consultants collaborate with clients to provide recommendations on the best digital solutions, products and services while catering to individual specifics such as budget and needs. It can provide outstanding digital transformation, mobile app development, website development and chatbot services to advance clients’ businesses on various platforms, designing, building and launching these high- quality products and tools within a timely manner at an affordable price. Ultimately, it aims to promote improvements in a company’s short- term performance and ensure long-term strategic objectives. Seeking to create lasting positive change, Pracctic supports the people who drive innovation forward by bringing together best-in-class talents. Its expert consultants deliver tailored, state- of-the-art solutions to clients, using an agile approach to meet their marketing needs and bring their brands into the future. Pracctic leverages agile concepts to provide digital products and services guaranteed to meet its clients’ and their customers’ needs. It recognises that many companies are transforming into a more flexible way of working, so its mission is to guide its clients to become more dynamic and creative. It leads the way to accomplish their visions – From the first interaction, it is committed to working with the client, planning a clear journey towards their business goals, the entire time ensuring its services remain sincere, authentic and tailored specifically to their business, while supporting and investing its resources tirelessly on them. These services include the following four. Pracctic’s first-class digital transformation services help transform businesses. From scrum master resource outsourcing to digital design, it ensures that an agile approach is taken when redesigning clients’ digital products. It designs and builds innovative website solutions for breakthrough brands, offering a range of services through its expert UX/UI designers, quality assurance specialists, scrum masters and product owners to assist clients with their projects. Pracctic also specialises in creating revolutionary mobile apps and experiences. From iOS to Android, it can bring clients’ brands to life with an experience that is a cut above the rest. Another digital solution that Pracctic can offer is the creation of customer engagement chatbot services which enable effective customer engagement with audiences and customers. As part of its offering, Pracctic also strives to accelerate the client’s revenue stream by using a flexible approach with the objective of regularly releasing parts of their vision by the end of each cycle. This enables a quicker return on the client’s investment. The company always aims to exceed expectations by its design and development team using a collaborative approach to ensure customer satisfaction. Why choose Pracctic? Clients will have the opportunity to work with talented professionals who make their projects come to life. The company’s process is simple and it leaves all the jargon behind. Pracctic is committed to helping its clients meet their goals by personalising each experience, providing an innovative environment and making a difference, its mission being to take the ‘How?’ and the ‘What?’ out of its clients’ business issues. The only remaining question then is ‘When?’. Company: Pracctic Contact: Kemi Hassan Email: Website: Jun21794