UK Enterprise Awards 2021

256 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Specialist Private Ambulance Service 2021 Being the ‘Leading Providers of Repatriation Services 2021’ for Western Europe, the Hearts First Ambulance Service has made itself the specialist ambulance provision company at the top of its market segment. With vehicles across a wide range of sizes, specialist knowledge of international repatriation, and exemplary internal UK patient transfer, it treats each person it transports with the utmost care and respect. Hearts First Ambulance Service is a private, exemplary ambulance service that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, providing a wide fleet of different vehicles to the NHS and private sector as it has done for over a decade. All of its vehicles are well-tracked and well- monitored, offering full UK coverage with bases in Radlett, Liverpool, Scotland, and Hertfordshire; it is also extremely well equipped, with vehicles including new ambulance fleets that are up to A&E standards with cardiac monitoring, suction unit, AED, ventilators, and other standard medical care equipment. Furthermore, its staff are trained to GMC, NMC, and IHCD qualification standards, able to provide a wealth of knowledge and skilled training in emergency blue light response, as well as repatriation services, the latter bolstered by its in-depth expertise in European distance transfer. This is also made possible by its long-term partnership arrangements with Eurotunnel and other transport companies. In addition, its reputation has secured it significant goodwill amongst both public and private healthcare sectors. This has allowed it to cultivate an image that truly reflects the care, attention, and diligence it funnels into ensuring its transport options are the best of the best, taking patients to wherever they need to go and in the way that ensures they get there in comfort and safety. It is the Hearts First Ambulance Service promise that no matter a patient’s medical requirements, it will be able to step up to the plate to help them. Furthermore, all of its staff have been trained to the height of NHS standards in order to guarantee this, with a minimum of 5 years front- line ambulance service below their belts, and the ability to enable the best on-board care, with the most outstanding bedside manners. Its staff are overseen by an exemplary medial director with 20 years of pre-hospital care experience, and every member of its team take great pride in what they do and the company they work for, determined to go above and beyond for each patient as though they were their own loved one. Its specialty, in this manner, is infusing each of these principles into long-distance repatriation and healthcare travel. With a vast depth and breadth of experience in this field that allows it to be fiercely competitive – and the patient transport option of choice for many healthcare facilities and specialists –it is an expert in UK-wide transfer as well as international road transfer. On average, it transports 175 UK patients, and over 18 international patients every month, proficient in everything from local private patient transfer, event and corporal medical cover, and expedition or group travel medic services. Essentially, due to the niche it fills, it finds itself in high demand, as there are very few companies like it who can rival it for quality. In order to fulfil its long-distance services, all its staff have up to date certifications including compliance with European road laws – and its ambulances that have been specifically designed to be able to facilitate longer journeys. Another facet of to its dedication in putting the patient’s comfort first, as well as ensuring its staff are supported with everything they might need, all of its vehicles are kitted out to be able to deal with harsh weather conditions, like a fully stocked winter kit of winter tyres, snow chains, shovel, and heaters. For patient comfort, they also have refreshments, Wi-Fi, UK plug and USB sockets for patient device charging, pressure relieving mattresses, and are capable of running any necessary medical equipment. With an exemplary staff behind it, and the patient at its heart, it reassures patients and clients alike that they are not settling for second best when they choose Hearts First Ambulance Service. Company: Hearts First Ambulance Service Contact: Andy King Website: Jun21503