UK Enterprise Awards 2021

257 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Design Learning Solutions 2021 Carla’s Captivating Content strives to create a world where training not only achieves results, but it is also enjoyed by all and remembered for the right reasons. It’s ultimate vision is to be the leading provider for bespoke training design services across the UK. Helping create that light bulb moment for someone is truly rewarding, and better yet is doing it in a way that is enjoyable and that takes learning back to when it was fun. Carla’s Captivating Content caters its services to each and every client. One size just simply doesn’t fit all, and this applies to the bespoke training it creates as well as the bespoke service it supplies. It works around its clients’ constraints and desires and bring their visions to life, using some of the best software in the industry and not skimping on its own development, continuing to upskill and update equipment and software so that it can always do its best. Lead instructional designer and business owner, Carla Prout has worked in the learning design and development industry for the best part of a decade, but she has learnt more in the past 20 months than in the last five years combined, from business management to sales strategy, customer service, people management and everything in between that running and growing a business entails. Carla said, “I’ve jumped in at full speed and taken every opportunity that’s presented itself, including training with the Prince’s Trust, Start and Grow Enterprise, The Growth Hub, and many more. The past year has been the most challenging, but also the most exciting and fulfilling time of my life. Growing my team and bringing in other passionate and talented individuals with huge potential has been, to put it simply – awesome. Not only is my business growing, but I’m intent on growing my business around its core values and creating the dream team from the ground up.” The main challenge for the business over the past year has been the pandemic, in the form of working from home (slow internet, many technical difficulties, longer review processes) which made it harder to communicate among the team. So, Carla made a point of having regular one-to- one and group meetings, and she also tried her best to shoulder much of the work-related stress and allow her team a few early finishes when the weather was nice in an aim to lift spirits. Ultimately, throughout the pandemic, the team managed to keep busy and positive, continued to work hard and gave the job 100%. The online learning industry was also impacted by COVID; in some ways, it shed a lot of light on the importance of the industry and the services that Carla’s Captivating Content provides. But in others, it has affected some of the company’s clients drastically. Projects were fast-forwarded and the level of urgency increased. Pressures definitely grew, and sadly, some of the budgets for more game-based learning were cut short. An important focus, especially over the last 18 months, has been mental health in the workplace, something that is becoming more recognised and understood. Carla said, “Having been on the other end and been an employee who has struggled with my own mental health before, I understand the importance and often have chats with my team about how they are. Letting them know they are supported and as a small business, we can always be flexible to try and better support them and what is happening in their lives at the time.” To support her team, Carla has subcontracted a HR department and some small yet necessary tools have been made available. Carla’s team now has access to professional support services via a HR app; whether they need medical, financial or relationship advice, they can speak to a certified professional within a few hours for quality advice and guidance. This is something that some of the team have already utilised and provided great feedback. She said, “I wanted to create a space where everyone felt welcome, comfortable in expressing their views and opinions, supported and looked after, something that I had felt lacked in previous roles of mine. I tried my best to take all the good workplace practices I had experienced in previous roles and incorporate them into my business. Giving my team a space where they feel truly supported and safe.” Carla’s Captivating Content is now looking towards the future with hopes to start attending and showcasing at business- and industry-related expos next year, as well as to add another member to the team this year. Currently, the company is trying to expand into the world of tenders and start managing some larger scaled programmes. Company: Carla’s Captivating Content Contact: Carla Prout Email: Website: Launched in October 2019, Carla’s Captivating Content provides a range of training design services for small to large businesses in all industries. Custom and bespoke solutions are its speciality; it understands that no two brands are the same so neither should their approaches to training be, and it works hard to design blended training solutions that appeal to the many in the room rather than just the few Jun21679