UK Enterprise Awards 2021

263 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Most Welcoming Fitness Gym - Greater Manchester At CrossFit UF, you are guided by passionate coaches and encouraged by a community of members. Instead of just simply using conventional weight machines, the team take a holistic approach to serve the whole body. Lying at the heart of how CrossFit UF operates is the idea of functional fitness. Naturally, it improves all facets of fitness and works all muscles from core to extremities along a neuromuscular pathway. Put simply, it’s a combination of gymnastics, cardio and strength, to serve the complete definition of ‘fitness’. Moreover, as Mark Parkinson, Director of CrossFit UF, goes on to explain, the approach has helped draw in people from a variety of sports. “CrossFit is highly regarded as one of the most effective ways to get fit, combining a range of functional movements into a timed or scored workout. With the exercises focusing on body conditioning, clients are able to run faster, swim stronger, lift heavier and compete better”. As a Level 3 Master Trainer, Level 2 British Weightlifting Coach, Level 1 CrossFit Coach and a Sports Diet and Nutritionist, much of the success of CrossFit UF is owed to Mark. In fact, it’s Mark’s background that enables CrossFit to specialise in other areas as he points out. “In addition to CrossFit, the team offer 1:1 coaching and tailored group sessions. The classes use functional fitness training to help clients, with sessions ranging from agility movement patterns to power, strength and cardio training. Typically, each session is carefully structured to ensure of progression in all elements of fitness”. The community approach of CrossFit UF often acts as the beating heart of the gym, and as Mark explains further, this has arguably been the most influential factor in helping persuade people to join the gym. “In what is a very supportive environment, every member has the support from those around them. Many people think they cannot go to the gym because they are too old or weak. At CrossFit UF, everyone is welcome regardless of their size, shape or fitness level. All members have different starting points and goals, so it’s refreshing to see determined and supportive members willing each other on. It really is the amazing members that help make the gym what it is today”. Despite the recent outbreak of COVID-19, CrossFit UF has found new ways to thrive during challenging times and the team is very much looking forward to what the future holds. “Fortunately, the growth of the business hasn’t been shunted in any way despite having to close for a period. The team really have made great strides, always aspiring to reach new heights. Exciting times are ahead that’s for sure!”. Company: CrossFit UF Contact: Mark Parkinson Email: Web: Address: Mongomery House, Bark Street, Bolton, BL1 2AX Phone: 07760 166525 Fitness means different things to different people. For some it’s about strength, for some it’s about aesthetics and how they look, but for others it’s about living a healthier lifestyle. No matter what your goal, CrossFit UF can deliver truly fantastic and measurable results that could revolutionise your life. Following its latest success in the UK Enterprise Awards 2021, we got in touch with Director Mark Parkinson to find out more. Apr21465