UK Enterprise Awards 2021

267 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Tarot & Crystal Reader (Southern England): Stephen Murray As a Pagan, Wiccan, Druid High Priest and Exorcist for the past 25 years, Stephen Murray is somewhat of an authority in the occult. Gifted as a young child, he is proven to be very accurate in his psychic readings. “My family goes back generations in Witchcraft Psychic Medium Knowledge and I’m willing to counsel and advise with all issues and everyday problems,” Stephen explains. “My goal through Spiritual Guidance is to empower you to make the best choices along your pathway. I will give you direct and honest answers. Whatever the circumstances, whether it is reuniting a broken relationship, inviting a new love into your life, if you are searching for love, romance, happiness, or worried about health, children or family issues, I can connect with your energy and help guide you through each situation to achieve the very best possible result.” Using Egyptian, Wiccan, Chaos, Voodoo, Thelema, and Acarus Magicks to Cast Powerful Spell Intentions, Stephen is a specialist in Past Regression, Connecting with Spirits, and Relationship Problems. “My expertise includes being a gifted intuitive clairvoyant, empath, tarot reader, counsellor and advisor in everyday problems and also in the paranormal.” There are differences between Psychic and Witchcraft powers, but Stephen will use both to advise you in your situation to achieve the best result. “When using my abilities, I can emit a very strong feeling into your past, present, and future,” he says. “This allows me to give you advice with relationships, love, finance, or employment. If you have any problems, I will help you through them.” As a psychic, Stephen has developed natural intuition that enables him to connect with a person. This allows him to see what is going on in the person’s present life and what is ahead in the future in order to bring clarity with insight. Along with other tools, such as crystals, Reiki and Chakra, Tarot cards are often used by Psychic Witch Stephen to look at a specific situation in detail. The cards that are used were drawn by Steve at the age of 9. “The Tarot cards can predict the outcome of the present and the future,” he elaborates. “With the help of the Higher Power, I provide answers and guidance for any problem you may face in your life.” Contact: Stephen Murray Company: Psychic Witch Web Address: As a Psychic Witch, Stephen Murray is able to assist and advise people in any life issues they may face. We find out more about Stephen and his abilities as he is awarded the title of Best Tarot & Crystal Reader 2021. Apr21643