UK Enterprise Awards 2021

270 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Bespoke Packaging Solutions Provider 2021 Actionpoint is a third-generation family-owned business that has been delivering bespoke packaging solutions for UK businesses since 1975. It has built its reputation on genuinely listening to customers’ packaging problems and working closely with them to develop a flexible and highly personalised approach that goes above and beyond the industry’s ‘norm’ in many ways. Since 1975, Actionpoint has been creating packaging solutions for companies in London and the South East of England. Recently it has found that there is a fast-growing number of medium sized manufacturers which have been supported by its very own packaging improvements and solutions. “We are not just about supplying packaging, but about finding the right tailored and bespoke solutions for each individual client and their needs,” states Ralph Pollard of Actionpoint. Actionpoint is committed to making its clients lives easier by removing headaches that could stand in the way of other goals “You want to focus on growing your business rather than worrying about your packaging issues,” Ralph continues. “Wherever your current packaging supplier is falling short, you can depend on us to exceed expectations, saving you time, hassle and money – and, most important of all, delivering a unique solution that will enable you to deliver your own promises on time.” Actionpoint is a solutions-focused company, constantly on the ball, ear to the ground, seeking out new and innovative ways to deliver tailored packaging solutions that lead to efficiencies and cost savings for the customer. “As a business, you never stand still - or at least you should never stand still - as your industry won’t be. As ever-more innovative solutions are released into the marketplace we, as a specialist in our field, are constantly on the lookout for and assessing new ways to enable our customers to stay ahead of the game,” states Ralph. Actionpoint’s main priority and vision is to seek out and produce new products and trial them until it finds the optimum solution. “We are, in effect, the ‘packaging gurus’,” says Ralph, “the company that others can depend on to solve their toughest packaging problems because they know we won’t rest until we’ve found the answer. “We are thoughtful about what is important to each specific client. This could be reducing harm to the environment, reducing damage rates and returns from customers, improving the brand image of their packaging, improving the unboxing experience, finding efficiencies in packing processes, reducing operational costs, reducing hassle or time taken to manage their packaging.” However, the industry has changed since the beginning of the pandemic, not least due to the huge shift to consumers buying more online. Ralph states, “When you ship goods through the courier network (as you do when purchased online) they require more packaging. This for example, has seen the corrugated industry go from 2% under-capacity to 30% over-capacity. Lead times quadrupled and costs have increased three times already this year! Keeping close to our customers has been vital during the last 12 months and they tell us they’ve really appreciated our support with all these changes.” Additionally, with over 200 years of combined packaging design experience, no-one is better equipped than the Actionpoint team to find a unique-fit solution to any customer’s particular packaging problems. Having this wealth of knowledge means, in effect, that clients get free access to some of the world’s top packaging designers every time a brief is given. Ralph says, “All manner of innovative, imaginative and even life-changing designs have come out of our own packaging design studio: designs in cardboard, foam, plastic, pulp etc. In other words, what our creative experts don’t know about packaging isn’t worth knowing!” Actionpoint is based close to most of its customers and therefore can service them on a same day/next day basis and are always on hand if anything is needed. Furthermore, the culture at Actionpoint is detailed, “we have a fun but hard- working culture. Going the extra mile for each other and for our customers is second nature. ‘Customer is King’ is our motto.” Finally, we learn about its Insight Programme. “This programme came about because we were finding that many of our new customers had been overspending on their existing packaging operations – from inappropriate packaging through to poor workflow in the warehouse plus a whole range of less obvious supply chain and quality issues.” Ralph continues, “More recently, we added a new programme, Insight Eden from Actionpoint, that provides advice on, and access to, more environmentally friendly and socially responsible packaging solutions, even if your packaging is custom-manufactured.” Actionpoint creates a completely bespoke service that frees clients from the hassle of having to manage, deal with and oversee the customers own packaging needs, from specifications, reserve stock control and on-site stock checks to paperwork and out-of-stock crises. Creative ingenuity, innovation and production, Actionpoint’s service is simply the best in the industry. Consequently, its most recent award for Best Bespoke Packaging Solutions Provider 2021 is well deserved. Contact: Ralph Pollard, Strategic Account Director Company: Actionpoint Packaging Web Address: www. Address: Chestnut Court, Otterham Quay Lane, Rainham, Kent ME8 8AS May21086