UK Enterprise Awards 2021

271 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Beauty Training Provider 2021 - South East England Eclipse School of Beauty and Aesthetics offers training in beauty and aesthetic courses in Essex (Brentwood), Kent (Bexleyheath), Ashford (Kent) and Hertford (Hertfordshire). Eclipse is fully accredited, licenced and insured with more than 15 years of experience in the industry, ensuring thorough knowledge of the current trade standards inside and out. Eclipse strives to be at the forefront of its field and often attends the most up to date training sessions and certifications available. Over the years, Eclipse has built an immense history in providing high-level professional beauty and aesthetic training courses to the industry. The company encourages newcomers, beginners in the industry or individuals with a long-term career in beauty and aesthetics already to use their top of the art training facilities to freshen up with new, creative and up to date courses. Eclipse boasts the leading classes in beauty and aesthetics and is proud to be the starting point for careers of many beauticians across Europe. The trainers are both practitioners and highly certified specialists in its field and only teach the courses they are masters at themselves. For Eclipse, it is imperative that its trainers are frequently practicing, committed to applying the skills and knowledge that they are required to pass on to others. Another priority for Eclipse is that everyone is on top of all the latest techniques and products in the industry as well as being at the highest level of health and safety. For techniques such as microblading and SPMU, council licences have become more complex due to government regulations. Eclipse courses always include a detailed analysis of the information around these licenses as standard and each student works through a number of case studies with the Eclipse team before gaining an accredited certificate. However, to become a master of any trade, people must invest things such as time and money into top quality courses, especially in the beauty and aesthetics industry. This enables clients to perform treatments correctly and safely. Utilising the confidence and knowledge acquired during the courses enables future beauticians to see their business aspirations come to fruition. Once the course and case studies are completed, accredited and fully recognised in the industry, the next step is to get insurance. This is required for clients to be able to practice on any chosen topic. However, Eclipse goes above and beyond to ensure success with its clients, offering continuous support for its alumni as they take off on their own unique journeys. Eclipse has created WhatsApp and other social media groups that are primarily dedicated to supporting its clients even after certification is completed, with highly qualified trainers designated to each group and a team of fellow beauticians who are able to offer support and advice. Alongside Eclipse’s social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Eclipse has its own website, email and contact number. As Eclipse nurtures the next generation of beauticians, this award-winning firm is devoted to being a constant presence and support that is just an email or phone call away. Contact: Lola Campbell Web Address: Eclipse is an elite specialist in microblading and SPMU (semi-permanent micro pigmentation) as well as all aesthetics. It has an incredible aesthetics filler and botox training team with the highest level of experts in advanced facial techniques and even lash technician trainers. May21091