UK Enterprise Awards 2021

272 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Wealth Management Technology Provider 2021 Tiller Technologies is a team of experts in software engineering, compliance, operations, and product, combining wealth management and software development knowledge. Tiller Technologies is a leading wealth technology (WealthTech) provider, delivering digital wealth solutions to wealth managers and private banks who want to perfect their client journey. The firm’s flagship platform (WealthXcel) is the go-to for ambitious regulated companies looking to transform their business with beautifully designed client experiences and intuitive solutions. With extensive experience in wealth management, the team at Tiller Technologies understands the nuanced complexity of the checks and processes required across the lifecycle of client engagement in a regulated environment. To quote Graham Carney, UK Sales Manager at Tiller Technologies, “The team here at Tiller Technologies brings together decades of knowledge from across wealth management, advice and asset management. Tiller customers benefit from the depth of industry knowledge and expertise the team has at creating and executing digital wealth propositions.” Tiller Technologies is one of the few technology firms to have walked in the shoes of its wealth management customers, making Tiller a trusted partner in delivering technology that works for this specialist sector. “Tiller’s products and solutions were built to solve real problems that these wealth management businesses face.” Graham continues, “Amidst an array of terminology and buzzwords surrounding technology, Tiller is a recognisable voice cutting through the noise, speaking a language that wealth managers can understand.” Like many businesses, Tiller Technology switched to working from home in March 2020. With their central technology hub in London, home of European fintech, the Tiller’s offices have remained shut for much of the pandemic, with the team working remotely. This was the same for many of the firms that Tiller Technology works with. The overnight shift from office to home meant there were a couple of weeks of adjustment for the company, but once people had settled into home working, it was stated that “Tiller Technologies saw a surge in activities and inquiries.” Graham expands, “We’ve had a good year and expect interest in our area to continue. Solutions like ours are vital pieces of kit to scaling a wealth management business. We are expecting our services to grow exponentially.” “Tiller Technologies has a number of exciting projects in progress and on the horizon,” says Graham about the company’s future. As a technology company providing software solutions to the wealth management industry and related sectors, Tiller Technologies has seen record interest from firms as the pandemic highlighted the importance of customer-facing self-serve technologies. “There was no doubt that digital propositions were on many firms’ radars. It is just that the ten- year transformation plan had a rocket attached to it and became a twelve to eighteen-month target. We are in no doubt that in-person wealth management services will resume in some way, but for many of our customers and their clients, digital services like the ones we provide will remain a key backbone of the overall client experience,” states Graham. Though the last year has provided headwinds for many firms, we are sure that the future holds big things for the team at Tiller Technology and the community it closely works with, proven most recently by winning the Best Wealth Technology Provider award 2021. We will be keeping a close eye on Tiller Technologies to see how they get on and watch their progress in this face-paced innovative, technology-led space. Company: Tiller Technologies Contact: Graham Carney Web Address: Email: Address: 5 St Andrews Place, Charing Cross, JE2 3RP, Jersey May21138