UK Enterprise Awards 2021

273 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Musical Instrument Bags & Accessories Manufacturer 2021 Founded in 2008 in West Yorkshire, Fusion is on a mission to make the lives of performing and touring musicians easier, allowing people to travel more comfortably and protecting their valuables while in transit. ‘Fusion designs and manufactures high quality, innovative musical instrument bags for touring and commuting musicians, which are sold worldwide via a network of distributors, music shops and direct to customers online (B2B and B2C).’ states Nicole Szekeres. Starting from a kitchen table to worldwide distribution, Fusion has adapted to the ‘ever-changing digital landscape’ and sells directly to customers globally via ecommerce along with suppling products to UK and EU retailers. ‘Dealing with musicians directly is very rewarding’, Nichole continues. ‘They understand the quality and function of the product and the benefits it offers them. We see much more passion from our online customers compared to that of our retailers.’ With a product so unique, it’s hard to imagine any other competitors thriving in this niche market as well as Fusion, so what else sets it apart as a company and a product? Nichole replies, ‘Fusion is a female run company. All members of the team are passionate about our products and we strive to deliver excellent and caring customer service through a happy team, who are encouraged to think freely.’ It’s certain that without a positive or passionate team, selling could become difficult, so what makes this product sell so well? ‘Our gig bags are innovative and clever. Musicians can transport their instrument hands free in a safe and practical way. A high percentage of our customers travel by bicycle or public transport. Fusion is the perfect match for these musicians due to the portability and durability of the products. We also created the unique “Fuse-on” modular system, whereby a backpack can be attached to the main instrument bag. This allows a musician to carry additional gear without carrying numerous bags, offering a hands-free option.’ Moreover, when it comes to design, Fusion is once again unmatched. ‘The design is lightweight, practical with many pockets and pouches for accessories. The sporty and appealing look has come a long way from the old black wooden cases that musicians used in the past,’ states Nichole. With the ongoing disruptions of Covid, how has a company like Fusion been able to keep up? Nichole replies, ‘The music industry has been hard hit by COVID. During these difficult times we discovered an opportunity where we could focus on our artist community, attempting to bring people together virtually. Part of this was launching a series of video interviews with Fusion Artists from around the world called ‘The Fusion World Tour’ and a series of ongoing music collaborations called ‘Music Cannot Be Confined’. ‘This project brings musicians together from different countries who don’t know each other. They become a virtual band and are asked to create a 60 second original soundtrack in less than 2 weeks which is published on social media. These community projects have proven to be very valuable for both the musicians and Fusion, as it has highlighted opportunities and given exposure in various countries.’ Creating music, a community and a functional, stylish bag for musicians, how is this all possible? ‘We’re very proud to have a happy and caring business culture, which is very much reflected through our brand.’ Nicole continues, ‘This creative workplace breeds a culture of care and innovation from the packing team to customer service and managers. When recruiting we look for people who are individuals yet can appreciate the differences in others with one common purpose- which is to do the best they can each day.’ With already immeasurable dedication and success, what does the future of Fusion look like? Nichole replies, ‘After the effect on the industry due to Covid, we are eager to bounce back to our pre-pandemic performance and business growth plans. As a business owner, going through the pandemic has not only been terrifying but it has also been a very valuable lesson on how to focus on what matters most. We have learnt so much about our own strength and weaknesses along with those of our company and staff. We hope that in this ever-changing world, we can be a constant help to musicians and continue to bring people together through creating music.’ Compassionate, creative and charismatic. The Fusion brand does proceed itself and with that, we are bidding them every success along the way. Contact: Nicole Szekeres Company: Fusion Products Co Ltd Web Address Email: Address: Unit 4 Anchor Business Park, Frost Hill, Wakefield Road, Liversedge WF15 6AU Fusion! Designed and created by four friends’ around a dining room table in 2008 to produce high quality, innovative gig bags for travelling, touring and working musicians. May21166