UK Enterprise Awards 2021

275 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Accountancy Practice - The Midlands A family run accountancy practice based in Walsall, Unico 3 is capably headed up by Rebecca Dean and Jane Barker. So much more than your traditional accountants, Unico 3 specialises in helping people understand their figures in order to hit their targets. “We’re modern accountants who strive to provide our clients with outstanding customer service, based on unlimited advice and support for each and every client,” elaborates Rebecca, who makes up one half of the formidable founding duo. “Our values have always, and will always, remain the same: these being to ensure we are helpful and honest; efficient; professional; approachable and friendly; and appreciative. “As long as we always keep these values in mind and consistently hit them, then we know that our clients will be in the best possible position to hit their targets.” The firm’s two major USPs include its unlimited advice and support, coupled with tax planning meeting as standard, and it is these points which distinguish Unico 3 from other competitors. Being the only accountancy firm which offers such tax services, it’s enabled the company to grow rapidly off the back of numerous referrals from extremely happy clients. “We have coupled this referral method with an increase in inbound marketing activity, which has led to a number of new clients,” Rebecca further explains. “There will always be challenges when building and growing a business, from recruitment, to growing in a sustainable way, but by taking your time and considering every angle, there is no challenge that you can’t overcome.” The internal environment at Unico 3 centres very much around inclusion and Rebecca describes the entire team as being like a family, with everyone in the team knowing their value which, in turn, drives them to provide the best service they possibly can to clients. The company’s open and honest culture allows people to ask questions, to learn, to push themselves. In doing so, as their skills and expertise grow, so too does their service. “I want to provide the best opportunity for everyone in the team to hit their goals,” Rebecca elaborates. “I want nothing more than to get a call saying, ‘we’ve just had an offer accepted on our dream home’ and knowing that I played a part in that.” When recruiting, this ethos also stands and Unico 3 looks closely to ensure that a new staff member will be the right fit meaning that personality is the biggest thing it looks for, with hard work, a desire to develop and friendliness being key. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Unico 3 experienced a period of incredible growth, with the team expanding from seven people to over 20 strong in 2020. “Our advice and support meant that we became a magnet for new business, as people were just looking for answers. “Now, we’re seeing a trend whereby a lot of accountants are starting to be more conscious of the service that they provide to their clients, which is great news. There really is enough business for everyone and having accountants who know that the once-a-year meetings aren’t the way forward is brilliant for UK businesses.” Regarding the future, it is very much an ‘onwards and upwards’ attitude which Unico 3 and the team have adopted as the company prepares to enter an entirely new sector, something which has been in the pipeline for a while. However, Rebecca foresees more growth and development and enthuses that the firm is very much on target for its five-year growth plan. “We’re hoping to continue to grow in the same fashion as we have over the past two years,” she enthuses. “We are positioning ourselves as experts in our fields, so for us, the only way is up!” Contact: Rebecca Dean Company: Unico 3 Limited Web Address: Unico 3 provides outsourced expertise in accountancy, administration and subcontractor support that fuels growth and drives a business forward. We speak to one of the Directors about the firm, its ethos and how the future is shaping up nicely. May21406