UK Enterprise Awards 2021

283 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Dental Implant Centre - Wiltshire The aim of the South Wilts Implant Centre is to ensure that dental implants are as accessible as possible to those who would benefit from them to replace missing or extracted teeth. The benefits of dental implants are numerous. There are obvious cosmetic and health benefits for the patient, as well as avoiding the need for drilling into healthy teeth, or the inconvenience of wearing dentures. In the past, the costs of state-of-the-art dental implants were prohibitive for most. The major implant manufacturers that supplied the UK market kept prices high. In a lot of cases, prices were higher than in other countries. With this in mind, Dr Grig Popovici and the team at South Wilts have actively sought out alternative implant systems which are equally as effective whilst being more cost-efficient. The Salisbury based company only partners with very carefully chosen implant manufacturers - those who rank amongst the top five companies in the world. These suppliers provide vital support to South Wilts. They often hold congresses and symposiums where the world’s most renowned practitioners and researchers provide invaluable insight into the industry and its latest scientific innovations. The team at South Wilts are also encouraged to attend professional courses in the UK and abroad to acquire new skills and knowledge. Keeping up-to-date with new techniques, materials and products is a high priority for the firm. Over the last few years, South Wilts has invested significantly in equipment to enable it to complete all investigative procedures and treatments in-house. This provides them with an edge over most of their competitors. From replacing one missing tooth to implant-supported crowns and bridges, complex bone regeneration and sinus lift treatments, the team covers them all using their fully digitalized system. The company is extremely proud of its success rate which is testament to the expertise and dedication of its staff. For the fourth year in a row, South Wilts has a 100% success rate - an extremely impressive ‘perfect’ record considering the constant changes in the industry. COVID-19 brought a fresh set of challenges to South Wilts. When the first lockdown came, the company was uncertain of its future. Initially being able to resume service, it incurred increased operating costs and was only able to work at a reduced capacity. With this in mind, the company took the time to develop their website to offer remote consultations. This was a great help in minimizing the time that patients needed to spend on-site, with the added bonus of saving them a journey too. Although the team doesn’t usually deal with emergency dentistry, they did offer their services to anyone that needed them during lockdown too. Dr Popovici likens his team to a family. He realises that the team cannot always leave their real life at the door when they come to work. “We’re a small team, everyone works hard and understands their role really well. We deliver fast, high-quality results. The present team is the best we’ve ever had and we’d like to keep it that way. We always try to ensure everyone is happy”. When recruiting new staff, Dr Popovici looks for experienced, honest, polite and hard-working professionals who have the appropriate skills to communicate with anxious patients to put them at ease. Plans for the future do not necessarily include expansion, but South Wilts is always looking to improve and build on the services that they currently offer. No matter how complex the treatment you require, the highly trained, experienced and friendly team at South Wilts Implant Centre will ensure a smooth process and successful outcome. Contact: Dr Grig Popovici Company: South Wilts Implant Centre Web Address: With a consistent 100% success rate, South Wilts Implant Centre is hard to beat for results, quality and patient satisfaction. We find out more about the leading dental implant centre following its award at the UK Enterprise Awards 2021. May21804