UK Enterprise Awards 2021

292 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Vehicle Leasing Company 2021 Unlike other leasing companies, Hot Car Leasing searches 10,000+ deals each month to find the hottest and best car leasing deals, saving clients a lot of time and money. We find out more about the company and what it is that makes it unbeatable in the market. Hot Car Leasing® (HCL), part of Creative Client Services in Shropshire, has been voted Best Vehicle Leasing Company in 2021 due to its customer service, care and innovative website, which allows customers to find their type of vehicle much quicker and more intuitively than virtually anything else in the known market. For example, if you are an executive who covers 25,000 miles per year, you can search for executive vehicles based on 25,000 miles. Similarly, if you need a city car for two years with 5,000 miles, there’s an option for that too, so that customers quickly find the hottest and/or most relevant deals. It is innovations and customer care such as this that is placing HCL at the forefront of the leasing market. In addition, HCL also won an excellence in innovation technology award for the personal touch in its customer service that is made possible by its technology, which enables instant quotes and fast communication. In fact, customers can find and order a vehicle directly on the website should they wish within minutes and HCL follows up with the customer, to make sure everything is correct. The team culture at HCL centres around customer service. “If the customer comes back to tell us we have done an amazing job then that is the recognition we strive for and that is what makes us happy. “We believe that you need to treat customers much better, by giving them as much information as you can, even if this means potentially losing the deal.” Having systems that allow customers and the team at HCL to see in real time what is available, when it will be delivered, the costs, optional extras customers can add on (again in real time) allows customers and HCL to move forward quickly. “A lot of other providers miss out things like delivery times because this may scare off the customer (a lost deal), which means that the customer can be left in the dark waiting for a car, when they need it for a specific time. We do not want this to happen to our customers, which is why we provide as much information as we can. We believe that you need to treat customers much better, by giving them as much information as you can, even if this means potentially losing the deal.” If the company’s five-star reputation is anything to go by, it’s no surprise that it was recently crowned Best Vehicle Leasing Company 2021. Former customer, Andrew, says: “I’ve used several personal leasing companies in the past and my experience leasing with Hot Car is easily the best. Professional, thorough, excellent. Many thanks to Jason initially, and Adam for keeping me informed and updated throughout. Brilliant service.” Another, known only as AR, agreed that the service was unbeatable: “Ridiculously easy to get my new car. Everyone I was in contact with was absolutely brilliant and couldn’t do more for me. A big thank you to Adam, who was superb.” And Charles D also couldn’t sing HCL’s praises enough: “I’ve used the team at Hot Car Leasing several times now, always impressed by the personal touch they give to your leasing experience. Can’t recommend highly enough. As an independent operator, the prices they can get are staggeringly good, and they follow this through with prompt updates and great communication.” Hot Car Leasing is starting to become a household name in vehicle leasing. With their growing reputation for excellent customer service and simple, understandable leasing processes, the team are undoubtedly well on their way to achieving this career goal of being the go-to car leasing provider in the UK. Company: Hot Car Leasing® Creative Client Services Ltd Web: Telephone: 01952 350000 Jun21403