UK Enterprise Awards 2021

296 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best International Property Investment Business 2021 The Redland Property Group is an innovative estate agency that is taking the market by storm. So, whether you’re looking to invest or recommend an investment to a friend, Redland has the answers to any problem that may arise in the industry. It has now won Best International Property Investment Business 2021 and is continuing its search for more properties that its clients can trust and invest in for the future. Having worked in overseas property investment for over 16 years, Redland Property Group has seen the market dip and flourish through its trends and growth. It has properties in emerging property markets and countries with strong, leading economies or distressed markets that have readjusted their prices so that foreigners and locals can buy more easily. With places like this, the risk is significantly lower than with other countries that are feeling the economic crashes from Brexit and astonishingly high prices of the market. By investing in markets that are affected by Brexit, COVID-19, or extortionate prices, any property investment company or individual would be setting themselves up for a fall. Whereas, Redland is providing property investment opportunities in markets that have excellent potential and booming economies. For more stable economies such as Dubai and Florida, some of Redland’s best property investment solutions offer a strong and sturdy answer to what could be an issue for many. Although Dubai previously suffered during the last global recession, it has now recovered and is skyrocketing into the atmosphere in comparison to its former state. Market data from Florida Realtors show that existing sales continued to surge throughout summer even whilst its inventory remains low. This housing market was climbing throughout 2020 as opposed to the year before. Dubai learnt and introduced safety features such as the RERA organisation that protects investors so that they can trust in their choices and lean on Redland to provide them with the best opportunities. Dubai has one of the best rental markets in the world due to lack of mortgages for foreigners, but Redland has the option for developer payment plans to aid its clients purchases. Redland is much more than an estate agent selling anything that it can. It offers a carefully chosen selection of properties that introduce openings for individuals to climb on the ladder and find the residence of their dreams. Awarded with a 4.9-star rating on Trustpilot, Redland is voted as an excellent estate agent in its category. Many people report that they found it efficient with great customer service and attention to detail. By making the buying process easier, it is creating a highly respected name for itself in the industry. By looking at market trends and being deeply knowledgeable about the properties that it promotes, it is introducing brilliant chances for investors in a legitimate and thoughtful way. The whole process is made special by its welcoming customer service and exceptional properties that are located around the globe. From emerging and stable markets, you can rely on Redland to offer the best properties on the ladder. Company: The Redland Property Group Ltd Web Address: Jun21733