UK Enterprise Awards 2021

302 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Domestic Cleaning Company - Kent Miss Green Clean Ltd, a Kent based cleaning company, is a leader of its industry when it comes to corporate environmental responsibility. With so many different cleaning products, each claiming to do a different thing the best, the impact such chemicals have on the environment is often forgotten about – which is where this company steps in. Its range of environmentally friendly cleaning products, as well as its comprehensive domestic and commercial cleaning services, are slowly but surely turning the tide in favour of mother earth in its sector. Providing only the most all-natural cleaning service possible, Miss Green Clean Ltd prides itself on ensuring the greenest cleaning solution available in the UK, using only natural and organic products that are great for the household and environment both. Whether a home or business, any space is given a new lease of life. Having worked in everything from domestic houses to commercial spaces, Airbnb’s, regularly scheduled domestic cleaning and one-off builders cleans, it has become an integral objective to Miss Green Clean that its services are synonymous with the promotion and protection of our habitat, surrounding plant life and the health of its clients. A thorough, comprehensive, and discrete work practice promises a client will always be happy with. Furthermore, its company adopted the cradle- to-cradle strategy in 2016, allowing it to remove waste from its business model by instead investing in equipment and products that are reusable, saving tonnes of waste that would otherwise have been generated from the amount of work it does. In doing this, it hopes to lead by example, showing other professionals in its industry the draw of ecologically friendly cleaning services. This has proven to be an effective change as it unsurprisingly inspired its peers to take on similar ways of working, benefitting the world and the industry as a whole, as well as the clients they serve by ensuring that the products and services delivered are ethical and safe. As an example, its ENJO fibre products lift and trap germs and bacteria, work for up to three years, and are repurposed afterwards. Crucially, this makes them an exemplary replacement for disposable microfibre cloths. Miss Green Clean have designed, bottled, and made use of its own cleaning products in the Wink bathroom cleaner and Evolve kitchen cleaner substances. Both of these do a grand job in leaving surfaces spotless, without smears, and thoroughly protected, with a refreshing scent and a powerful impact against harmful bugs and bacteria. Additionally, one spray goes a long way; it has developed each of its substances to be as ‘bang for your buck’ as possible, ensuring that you only need a little bit of it to make a large difference to a window, surface, or countertop, available as a standalone product to its clients as well as used in its professional cleaning services. The products it creates are a big part of the ‘wow factor’ that forms such an integral part of this business. Furthermore, with over 30 years of experience in the housekeeping and cleaning industry between the team, each dedicated and diligent staff member will pay attention to even the most minute details in order to ensure that each job is done to the height of industry standards. They work tirelessly in order to provide cleanliness and homeliness in their work, guaranteeing that a client will walk back into a space they will be proud to work and live in. Additionally, due to its consistent push towards a greener and more environmentally friendly future, it has become well known in its region for its constant push towards a better, greener community in East Kent. Miss Green Clean’s workshops, taking place at festivals, in business, and more, teach participants how to make their own cleaning products, as well as the importance of ecological stewardship and cultivating an attitude of respect towards the world in which we live. With its zero-waste attitude, its chemical- free ethos, and its dedicated staff, its next stop is tackling its emissions, working towards neutralising its carbon footprint as soon as possible by addressing how it transports its good, excited to see where this push will lead it in the coming years. Company: Miss Green Clean Ltd Contact: Sadie Barton Website: Jul21621