UK Enterprise Awards 2021

303 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Most Comprehensive Business Development & Marketing Service 2021 Diamond Marketing Services is a Business Development Organisation first and foremost, with a dedication to helping busy business owners focus on what’s best for their business in order to allow it to reach the next stages of success. It does this by granting them a certain peace of mind when it comes to their marketing, allowing them to be able to not worry about where the next couple months’ worth of business is coming from whilst offering a wide range of exclusive business development and marketing solutions. All of its services can be provided on both a campaign level and Ad-Hoc project basis. Fundamentally, this means that it can accommodate any client’s individual requirements and demands, working to a mentality that no demand is too big or too small when it comes to rising to the challenge of what a client needs. The services it can offer – all of which are exemplary and industry leading in their own right – include telemarketing, cold calling, appointment and lead generation, account management, social media campaigns, advertising, PR and Rebranding along with business coaching and sales training, and other services such as a virtual/ personal assistant. In short, Diamond Marketing Services ensures that a client’s important targets are met and that their deadlines are reached. Whether small or large-scale projects, short or long-term requirements, and small or large budget, Diamond Marketing Services’ work is always adaptive and flexible, able to work seamlessly with the client’s existing processes and team in order to take their operation to the next level. It works across the UK, applying its core values of integrity, commitment to clients, passion, diversity, innovation, quality, simplicity, and determination in all things across the board, resulting in a service that is as positive and professional as it is effective. Its staff have a true talent for sales that allows clients to feel at ease and comfortable, allowing them to become recharged and inspired, excited to get to work with Diamond Marketing Services at their back. It is this that has, over the years, resulted in such an exemplary litany of word-of-mouth referrals and good reviews. Diamond Marketing Services usually comes across its clients in this manner as a result, with one happy client letting their own professional network know about its services, and those in that network reaching out to it for help as a result, seeing first-hand just how exemplary its work is. Furthermore, whilst the pandemic was difficult, it was this development of a solid loyal client base that has allowed Diamond Marketing Services to pull through with sophistication, pivoting to online services and expanding internationally with its remote work. Operating with tenacity, passion, hard work, determination, focus, and drive, its professionalism has brought it enhance notoriety that has contributed to its stellar reputation over the years. Additionally, it is consistently on-hand to support and inspire its clients throughout the process of a professional relationship, allowing Diamond Marketing Services to become a business partner to its clients, as well as a mentor and source of inspiration driving them towards greater success. Currently, it is in the process of creating a sales training podcast and manual to help people learn to cold call effective for themselves, continuing on its mission to give its clients the confidence they need to succeed in the modern world of business. Company: Diamond Marketing Services Contact: Rebecca Dance Website: Lending confidence, innovation, and inspiration to its clients with every service it offers, Diamond Marketing Services ensures that its clients can generate success at every turn. Having enjoyed being a finalist for 2 previous awards, it is pleased to announce this win, planning to use it as a springboard with which it can bring itself, its present clients, and its future clients further into the future of marketing and outreach. Jul21512