UK Enterprise Awards 2021

310 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Presswork & Injection Moulding Business 2021 In a climate where many companies have off-shored their production, TWP Manufacturing is a leading light in keeping British manufacturing alive. Tipton based TWP Manufacturing is a long-established firm that provides high-quality presswork and injection moulding across a wide variety of industries. Having been in business for more than 25 years, the company has a proven track record of adapting and changing to move with the times. The firm works with clients in the automotive, construction, electrical, white goods and leisure industries as well as a host of retail brands. They offer an integrated manufacturing solution from design through to distribution of retail products. As well as manufacturing components, TWP provides a range of finishes including electro- plating, heat treatment and powder coatings. They also use a sophisticated colour-matching system for injection and blow-moulded parts. The generally positive outlook in UK manufacturing and the ability to design its own machines has permitted the company to move work that was previously outsourced overseas back to its premises in the UK. In doing so, TWP gained a prestigious ISO9000 accreditation. The firm sources as many of its raw materials as possible from the surrounding local area, supporting other local businesses too. TWP Director Phil Stanley explains the reasoning behind this decision: “We believe strongly in keeping manufacturing in the UK wherever possible and continue to invest in our workforce and facilities to ensure a bright future. “We’re a very proud UK manufacturer and feel that the benefits of UK-made products are in both the quality of products and the quality of customer care we give. The West Midlands has an enormous amount of manufacturing history and experience. We attempt to source all our bought out parts and sub-contract services within 20 miles of our Black Country base.” The company’s diverse manufacturing capabilities allow TWP to take its clients’ concepts and turn them into reality. The company’s flexible approach to customer requirements is key. From press tool design for high volume parts to bespoke product manufacture, TWP’s experienced team are on- hand to help. “Our growth comes from our desire to assist our customers, and potential customers, to jump the hurdles required to bring ideas to life.” TWP uses an integrated MRP system. This, combined with internal and external measurements to monitor quality, ensures traceability and continuous improvement through all its processes. Following the financial crisis of 2008, TWP expanded its horizons. The aim was to diversify both manufacturing and selling and distribution channels allowing the company to weather a variety of potential storms. As well as undertaking work for a wide variety of clients and industries, TWP, under the umbrella of the TWP Group, now has several of its own brands too. Paterson Photographic provides darkroom equipment worldwide. They also manufacture an extensive range of photography tripods and lighting accessories. Meanwhile, Spyrabase is the brand name of TWP’s revolutionary spiral ground- anchor system which can be used for securing anything from pets to inflatable structures. Originally designed as a way of securing light aircraft, the inspired spiral design screws into the ground, providing an instant and powerful anchor. TWP also has its own branded wheelbarrow range, Bullbarrow. The company offers a range of over 60 different barrows, garden tools and accessories. They are currently supplying over 250 of the UK’s garden centres. Its distinctive “Pro” range of ergonomic gardening tools come with a lifetime guarantee. Bullbarrow regularly showcases its products at the popular BBC Gardener’s World Live event. Increased interest in hobbies such as gardening and photography had a positive impact on the firm by generating significant growth for the TWP brands - Paterson, Spyrabase and Bullbarrow - during the COVID pandemic. This has enabled the company to focus on future growth. Looking to the future, Phil says, “Due to the success of our existing brands, we are currently investing in our injection moulding facility to increase the range of services we offer and improve efficiency. We plan to invest a six-figure sum over the next 12 months.” Contact: Phil Stanley Company: TWP Manufacturing Web Address: Jun21639