UK Enterprise Awards 2021

312 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Research & Development Tax Advisers Born in 2017, Kene Partners began offering outstanding service to companies that access R&D tax credits in an original and highly specialised way. Managing Director, Joe McGurk, talks to us about what they do and how they plan to continue helping people in the future. Research and Development (R&D) tax is a rich source of funding for companies tapping into innovative solutions. As the government puts aside money for R&D tax credits, much of it goes unclaimed as businesses don’t realise that they are entitled to a portion of these credits. Once Kene Partners discover that a business is eligible, they set up a technical workshop with their team of highly qualified specialists. Joe McGurk tells us, “Our team consists of science and technical PhDs, engineers and chartered tax advisers, and together we have a deep knowledge of the R&D tax credit legislation. We match our clients with the right group of specialists to best understand their work.” Workshops are put in place for the team to learn about their clients, identify qualifying projects and start analysing R&D spend. “We fully submerge ourselves in the different projects undertaken by the client,” says Joe. “Following the workshop, we quantify the maximum amount of tax relief available – this is why our claims are typically 28% greater than the industry standard. Once the client is happy with the report, the claim is submitted to HMRC. On average, our clients have received a £73k boost into their business per claim.” The firm also offers year-on-year support to businesses looking to touch base and make sure they are up to date with their R&D tax credits. As navigating this field can be tricky, Kene Partners have been a very important ally for Jul21387 businesses looking to grow. “There are a lot of risks to navigate when making an R&D tax claim, including missing eligible costs, enquiries, HMRC penalties and withheld payments,” Joe explains. “We make sure that your claim is as robust as it can be and will fully support you if your claim goes to an enquiry.” HMRC enquiries can be random spot checks into any claim, involving deep-level technical questioning into R&D activities. If this happens, Kene Partners support you all the way. With experience working with HMRC to shape R&D policy, they are able to better understand what HMRC are asking and why. This helps clients get to a resolution quicker. Kene Partners are committed to staying one step ahead to ensure clients receive the best care possible. They believe in doing the right thing professionally, socially, and environmentally. As proud supporters of diversity in UK science and technology, Kene Partners will not work businesses that are ethically dubious. They are proud to be a carbon-neutral business, whilst also planting a tree for every claim they submit. Kene Partners proudly promote working as one unit. As a team, they help businesses to flourish and expand at a rapid pace through R&D tax credit incentives. They work hard to stay ahead of the curve, maintaining the highest standards in a fast-paced environment. The staff at Kene Partners all help to represent the values of the business. They look for team members that align with their values working towards the same goal of high-quality customer service. Using a flexible, bespoke approach for each client, Kene Partners apply their rich knowledge to every case, no matter how different. Joe tells us, “Our clients come from a wide variety of sectors, and they love us for what we do.” With many businesses missing out on tax credits, and the government aiming for R&D investment to account for 2.4% of UK GDP by 2027, Kene Partners have a lot of work to do. In response to the new tax changes announced in March 2021, Joe explains, “Although corporation tax faces a hike from 19% to 25% from 1st April 2023, SMEs will be taxed at the current rate of 19%, even after the 25% tax is implemented. These businesses will not be affected, and the current rate of R&D tax benefit will remain as it is.” Overall, even throughout the pandemic, Kene Partners have continued to serve new and returning customers that utilise their excellent service and the potential of R&D tax credits to build something better for the future. Contact: Joe McGurk Web Address: