UK Enterprise Awards 2021

316 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best First Aid & Security Consultancy 2021 & Excellence Award for Armed Forces & Veteran Support 2021 Golbourn Training Solutions Ltd provides companies and individuals with compliance and security training programmes and consultancy. We speak to its founder about the company’s values and how these have shaped it into the success it is today. Founded in 2015 by its namesake, Steve Golbourn, Golbourn Training Solutions Ltd (GTS) is a training and consultancy company. What started initially as a sole trader position for Steven, teaching only first aid, has continued to evolve and in October 2018 became a limited company teaching and consulting on 36 different syllabuses from RQF/SQA/CPD awarding bodies and with a team of specialist instructors based across the UK. GTS is broken down into three service areas of Compliance, Counterthreat Security and Teambuilding. Each area has a large number of services and are fully operational. The client base of GTS is wide and varied, meeting the needs of the three areas. The company supports NHS, care providers, universities, colleges, schools, MOD, veteran organisations, and many large brand companies all throughout the UK, with a range of training services, such as: Health and Safety, First Aid, Fire Safety, Manual Handling, Asbestos, Moving and Handling, Food Safety, Good Nutrition, Cross Contamination, Mental Health First Aid and Safeguarding, Serious Incident Control Measures, Medical Trauma, Security Lockdown, Knife Crime Prevention, Personal Security, Stress, Decision Making, Military Adventure, Survival Experience, Orienteering, Code Breaking, Shooting, Shelter Building, Command Task, Making Fire, Purifying water, and many more. Regarding its consultancy services, GTS offers inspections, support in policies and procedures, risk assessments, and bespoke activities to enable companies and families to achieve their goals. “Our core values are, and have always been, to provide the best service possible at the most cost-effective price to allow all levels of the market to access our services,” Steven explains. “GTS and all our instructors are dedicated to making all our services fun, interactive and effective. We want organisations to not just tick a box, but to have staff that are confident in making Jun21614 changes of improvement because they are confident and competent in the subject matter.” GTS aims to build a personal relationship with its clients, and it is this personal connection that differentiates it from competitors. Indeed, this dedication and personal investment in clients has seen client increases each year and 80% of the client base is generated through work of mouth referrals. GTS believes in making training fun, interactive and realistic. “With our courses, the dreaded mandatory training is a thing of the past,” Steven explains. “We will adapt our courses around each and every learner to maximise not only their individual experience but for the group as a whole. The right environment, the right atmosphere and the right instructor can get the best out of everyone. “We make our training scenarios as realistic as possible with the use of casualty simulation and job-related tasks, this is not only fun and realistic, but it’s a crucial learning tool. When your first aider, for example, is in an emergency situation, their training and muscle memory will make the difference.” During the pandemic, GTS supported clients with free courses and advice to help them meet the national emergency, as well as communicating throughout to see how it could assist. The company also deferred invoice payments until some clients had the revenue and, in return, clients have repaid this investment with their loyalty. “We did see a sharp rise in the distance learning need due to the pandemic and have seen areas of our services remain as online platforms,” elaborates Steven. “Online learning was a great tool to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission and still maintain qualification requirements and, in some services, GTS will remain using this platform.” As well as responding to the pandemic, GTS has responded to other events which have affected the country, such as the Serious Incident Control Measures (SICM) programme which was developed by GTS in 2016 to meet the ever- increasing threat of terrorism as a result of the tragic attack at the Manchester Arena. “We don’t make just tick a box, we make an effective and operational counterthreat system to lower the real risk and ensure all are trained and ready to deter, protect and respond as needed within organisation’s needs.” It is for these reasons that GTS was recently awarded the prestigious title of Best First Aid & Security Consultancy 2021. However, that was not the only award given to the firm: it also clinched the Excellence Award for Armed Forces & Veteran Support 2021 due to its Armed Forces programmes. “We run a national low-cost training programme as part of our Armed Forces Covenant Pledge for all Armed Forces, Veterans, and their families,” says Steven. “We run these courses across the UK and have trained hundreds over the last five years and we want to increase this programme year-on-year.” Regarding the future, Steven and the team at GTS are also starting to build pace on a 3-week support programme for struggling veterans and are looking for forces charities to help support with this initiative. Contact: Steve Golbourn Company: Golbourn Training Solutions Ltd Web Address: Golbourn Training Solutions Ltd