UK Enterprise Awards 2021

319 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Jun21563 Best Cruelty-Free Pet Products Manufacturer 2021 It all started with a dog: Tilba. Tilba is a fun-loving Vizsla, full of energy and a boundless joy for the world at large. Her owner, Craig, loves her dearly, for while there is little more responsible than looking after an energetic pet, there is also very little that is more rewarding. Unfortunately, Tilba began to suffer from a mystery condition, that left her in a lot of pain from itchy skin. While various medicines were prescribed by vets, they didn’t work, and Craig looked to a chemical-free alternative only to discover that no one on the market was offering that sort of product. With such an obvious gap, he thought it high time that he fill it himself. Cooper & Gracie, as a brand, was born. At the heart of Cooper & Gracie is that genuine love between owner and pet, and Tilba and Craig share a relationship that is not only unique to them, but universal to pet owners. Over the last three years, she has stood by his side as he researched and founded his new business. Cooper & Gracie might have been founded to help one dog with itchy skin, but it has been able to reach out to so many more. The firm’s ideals of natural cruelty-free pet, home and garden care that’s safe for the whole family remains at the centre of its operations. The brand is committed to products that contain no chemicals, no preservatives and no irritants. Each ingredient has been chosen because of the benefits it will bring to each solution, from the use of aloe vera for the soothing of itchy skin through to the sweetest of orange oil for the removal of bacteria. Over the years, Craig and his team have delved deep into the science of the various ingredients being used such as natural essential oils so that they understand how they work, and how to make them work even better than before. Each product is crafted with care and attention, uniquely blended to pave the way for a home that is happy and healthy in equal measure. Just one look at a product from Cooper & Gracie demonstrates what sets them apart from the competition. Their products are not just home-grown, but put pet wellbeing at the heart of what they offer. Every single one is 100% natural and cruelty-free. We take a closer look at the firm, and what inspired its founders to create this incredible pet manufacturer with a difference. Since opening those doors all those years ago, Craig has fulfilled his dream and made Cooper & Gracie into a place for people to come for all of their pet needs. Whether it’s grooming items and bedding, food and supplements, this is a brand that is able to meet each and every need that might arise. Of course, the brand is driven by a love of pets, and Craig has made sure that Cooper & Gracie gives back as well. Their mission to help pets means reaching out to those who might not know about the team, or be able to afford their products. As such, he aims to reach out to 10 million rescue dogs through donations, food or grooming, with a proportion of profits going to rescue centres throughout the world. The birth of Cooper & Gracie came from a place of love, and it is through that love that they have been able to achieve such incredible success. Company: Cooper & Gracie Name: Craig Roberts Email: