UK Enterprise Awards 2021

325 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Sunday Dinner Delivery Service - Wales Ring-A-Roast is a family-run business based in Cardiff that has been dedicated to delivering excellent homemade Sunday roast dinners to customers since 2004. Owners and founders, Sue and Jeff Jones, have been an integral part of the Cardiff hospitality sector and have worked tirelessly to create a business which offers something unique - a solid, piping hot roast dinner delivered straight to your door! It all began with the a vision to offer people a proper dinner if they were unable to cook due to illness, disability, or simply because they wanted to put their feet up and relax on a Sunday! From this initial idea, Ring-A-Roast was born and has gone from strength-to-strength over the last 15 years. “We dedicate our time to making sure that we cook up excellent Sunday dinners so that you can enjoy the comfort of a home cooked meal, with- out having to step inside the kitchen,” says Sue. On the menu at Ring-A-Roast, you’ll find a delicious array of every Sunday roast combination possible, with chicken, beef, turkey and lamb classics, to pies, fish and vegetarian options. Once you’ve selected your main, there’s side dishes galore, with all the trimmings you’d expect on your traditional Sunday dinner, such as pigs in blankets, Yorkshire puds, stuffing, roast potatoes, and a wealth of vegetables to boot. Plus, if you’re feeling really hungry, you can choose a starter of either soup or prawn cocktail and to finish, there’s tempting desserts, again with classics like bread and butter pudding, crumble and trifle. Dedicated to providing the local area with delicious homemade food, delivered straight to the door, Ring-A-Roast’s service, as well as its menu, is hard to beat! We speak to Co-Owner, Sue Jones, about what the business has to offer. Jun21492 But it doesn’t end there. Over the years, the business has adapted and expanded with the times, now offering catering services, chilled meal deliveries, and it has even opened up a cafe, yet Sue and Jeff always ensure that they retain the good old family values of making sure the customer is well fed! What this does mean, however, is that there is now even more to choose from on the extensive menu. The chilled dishes come refrigerated and are designed to be heated in your own home. These weekly changing recipes range from curries and stews, to lasagnes and pasties, again with trimmings and dessert choices too. Special occasion on the horizon? Ring-A-Roast features seasonal menus consisting of fancier foods which are limited to an event such as Easter or Mother’s Day. Here, you’ll find delights like Beef Charbonade, pork medallions, or luxury fish pie, and there’s always something to suit most dietary requirements. Finally there’s the catering side of things, dedicated to creating a range of cold and hot foods for any occasion. “From our speciality of a Hog Roast, perfect for a summer birthday party, to a range of delicate sandwiches and dishes to match an afternoon tea, we have all sorts of foods available to cater specifically to you!” It’s clear to see why Ring-A-Roast has been awarded the prestigious title of Best Sunday Dinner Service – Wales. It’s perfect for when you need a good homecooked meal, but without the hassle! Contact: Sue Jones Company: Ring-A-Roast Ltd Web Address: