UK Enterprise Awards 2021

327 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Best Flexible Childcare Provider - Kirklees Northfields Nursery is a childcare facility with a difference. The wonderful learning experiences at Northfields Nursery are designed to help children grow both in and out of nursery environment. Established in 2015, Northfields Nursery is located in Dewsbury and Liversedge, West Yorkshire, and reflects the vibrant energy of the areas. The nursery staff and practitioners are currently qualified and the company is very choosy about who comes to work with the little people as, at Northfields Nursery, the belief is that every child is unique and is constantly learning. Fully flexible childcare is one of the nursery’s unique selling points and something which helps it differentiate itself from competitors. Parents only pay for the hours they book. However, it is also the sheer level of care and commitment that goes into ensuring each and every child’s character and education is catered for, that sets the nursery aside from others too. The passionate and skilled team members are on hand to help the children of today make an impact on the world and the nursery’s philosophy ensures that its children are nurtured, very well cared for, and inspired to learn and explore, so that parents can happily get on with their day with the knowledge that their children are safe, happy and learning. Through the enthusiasm, care and commitment of the Northfields team, the nursery aims to provide high standards of care and educational opportunity, actively promoting warm, secure and positive relationships with all children, and working in partnership with parents to support children to grow into happy, self-confident and independent individuals, laying the foundations for later life. The dedicated staff members aim to make each child’s early education experiences positive and meaningful as they know that children learn best Northfields Nursery is a family of West Yorkshire based day nurseries and is founded on more than 20 years’ combined experience of caring for babies and children, as well as training early years staff. The nursery offers the highest quality, professional childcare for children from three months to 11 years old. Jun21470 in a welcoming and safe environment where they are able to experiment and have fun, take risks, learn from their experiences and grow in confidence. The unique character and individuality of each child is emphasised and valued. Following the Early Years Foundation Stage framework (EYFS) means that children learn by playing and exploring, being active and through creative and critical thinking which takes place both indoors and outside. This means that children will be learning skills, acquiring new knowledge and demonstrating their understanding throughout seven key areas of learning and development. The outdoor learning environment at Northfields Nursery supports early years education through activities in the natural world. Studies have shown that outdoor learning increases self-esteem and self-confidence; helps develop physical skills; increases levels of creativity, imagination, motivation and concentration; and helps develop language and communication skills. To further consolidate its educational values, Northfields Nursery is currently working towards accreditation with “The Curiosity Approach.” The nursery plays a big part in the local community, by helping at local allotments, making visits to the neighbouring care homes and ensuring that children know about the community they live in and how to make a difference. Northfields Nursery is proud to have been awarded the prestigious accolade of Best Flexible Childcare Provider – Kirklees, and is committed to continuing the great work for the future of all children who come under its care. Company: Northfields Nursery Web Address: