UK Enterprise Awards 2021

329 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Hosted Connections Providing hosted telephony solutions and data services, Hosted Connections has more than 20 years’ worth of experience in the telecoms industry and has a team of highly trained engineers at its disposal. Due to the nature of hosted technology, the solutions that the firm provides are highly scalable, flexible and cost effective. With more than 50% of businesses having already made the move towards using a hosted phone system, there are still some that are reluctant to migrate their telephony systems. This may be due to concerns surrounding lack of control, however there are some great advantages to moving to a cloud-based communications solution that some companies may not be aware of. These include increased security, as hosted solutions have security in place by both the hardware and the supplier’s internal systems. Even better, data is stored in the cloud rather than on-site so it can never be deleted or lost; scalability as the hosted phone system offers greater flexibility. It can integrate both the mobile and fixed line services. What’s more, as a business grows, its phone system can easily scale up to cope with the new demands. And finally, simplified call management via an easy-to- use online portal. Hosted Connections provide the Horizon solution for a fully featured business telephone system, based totally in the cloud. This solution provides improved business flexibility as well as cost savings over ISDN for an existing PBX. Quite simply, it’s a complete communications service for your business. The Horizon package combines handsets from several manufacturers, an easy-to-use web interface, and Gamma’s trademark network resilience to provide a cheaper, more flexible phone service. It also helps to improve an organisation’s productivity and image - seamless integration with well-known CRM systems and soft Bedford-based Hosted Connections has recently clinched two awards for its products, services and customer care. We take a more in depth look at the company and what it provides to its clients. Jun21467 Best Telecoms Solutions Provider 2021 – East of England & Distinction Award for Customer Service Excellence 2021 phone features help present highly professional communications with the minimum of effort. SIP trunking is now rapidly replacing ISDN services and Gamma is the UK’s leading SIP trunks provider. Hosted Connections’ SIP trunks connect a site directly into the Gamma network via an IP connection to carry and terminate any inbound and outbound voice calls across the public telephone network. Gamma’s Technical Alliance Programme recognises partners committed to training and up-skilling their teams, ensuring they have a full knowledge of all Gamma products sold, and Hosted Connections has recently achieved Technical Alliance status which demonstrates that it has a highly skilled team and the technical know-how needed to support businesses. Louise Fairley, Partner Programme Manager at Gamma, elaborates on Hosted Connections’ commitment to achieving such a prestigious status. “We recognise that there are many partners who are committed to selling Gamma products and solutions as proved by their technical expertise and dedication to the ongoing training of their support and provisioning personnel,” she explains. “We feel these partners should be rewarded for this commitment and provided extra support to grow their business.” And it is not simply this accolade that Hosted Connections is known for, as it has recently been awarded a double-whammy of titles, including Best Telecoms Solutions Provider 2021 – East of England and Distinction Award for Customer Service Excellence 2021, both of which are, once again, testament to its dedication to providing complete business telephony solutions to its clients. Company: Hosted Connections Web Address: Email: Tel: 01234 860055