UK Enterprise Awards 2021

Dartington aren’t Cambridgeshire’s Financial Advisers of theYear for nothing you know! With long established roots in the business, charity and academic communities of Cambridge since 1962, DartingtonWealth Management emerged from Lee & Co. in 2016 to start trading as a dynamic new rm employing the best in people and technology to provide impartial, independent, fee-based nancial advice and wealth management services to individuals, business owners, charities and trustees. Dartington is one of Cambridge’s most trusted rms of advisers for those seeking investment advice, nancial planning, retirement or care funding advice, those who have inherited a large sum, or those who may be going through a divorce. The company’s experience of working with court appointed deputies means we also provide investment advice to vulnerable clients, including those in receipt of a personal injury award as well as workplace bene ts for a wide range of employers including businesses, educational and non-pro t organisations though its Bene ts division. So with credentials like these, it should come as no surprise that Dartington were voted Cambridgeshire’s Financial Advisers of the Year. When it comes down to it, our philosophy is simple – with an extra boost you can reach new heights with your nancial arrangements, whether that’s you as an individual or for your organisation’s employees. Dartington Wealth and Dartington Bene ts are trading styles of Dartington Wealth Management Limited witch is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority T: 01223 211122 dartingtonbene T: 01223 275172