UK Enterprise Awards 2021

331 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Most Experienced Classroom Tuition Company - London What started from humble beginnings - private tutoring based at home - has today evolved into a tuition centre which specialises in preparing children for local grammar and independent school exams. The aim at Eleven Plus Centre is to provide a professional teaching service which ensures an enjoyable and stress- free journey for both parents and children through the whole 11+ process. The Eleven Plus Centre was founded in 2008 by a husband and wife team who have more than 20 years’ worth of outstanding (rated by OFSTED) teaching experience between them in local mainstream schools. The duo tutored privately on weekends and in the evenings for the Tiffin Girls’ School and the Slough school entrance tests. Alongside this, many of the couple’s pupils were also successful in their local independent school papers and secured places at Notting Hill and Ealing High, Lady Eleanor Hollis and Hampton School. With a high success rate, mainly due to the use of specific resources and unique teaching styles, the pair decided to tutor small groups and, eventually, the idea of a specialist tuition centre was conceived. Based at the Vista Centre in Hounslow, the Eleven Plus Centre classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art-technology which allows the lessons to not only be interactive and enjoyable but effective too. The use of such technology allows for easy monitoring of pupils’ progress alongside their speed and accuracy, which are the two main components of the exams. The lessons taught encourage students to learn and engage with key concepts in a fun and interactive manner with the aim being to boost confidence for the exams and personalise learning so that pupils continue to enjoy success and flourish in class when they get into their chosen schools. With classes being restricted to just 12 students, and some featuring a Teaching Assistant too, there is much more interactivity between teacher and pupil, plus additional support as and when Award-winning tuition in both a classroom environment and online, Eleven Plus Centre provides a fully qualified and experienced teaching team with an excellent success record in 11+ tuition. We find out more about what the centre has to offer its pupils. Jun21475 needed. Homework is given every week, both through the dedicated online platform or paper based, and pupils are assessed on a regular basis, with their progress being mapped and fed back to parents, highlighting any areas of particular concern. Along with the physical classrooms, an online portal provides an ideal tool to apply classroom skills and build up speed and accuracy in Maths, English, VR and NVR questions online anytime, anywhere. The question bank contains more than 20,000 continuously updated questions which are automatically marked, thus allowing pupils to review their performance against their peers. A vocabulary game, plus mock exams, further prepare students by ensuring they are up to speed and know what to expect. With such diligence and devotion, it’s no surprise that Eleven Plus Centre was recently voted Most Experienced Classroom Tuition Company - London, and long may it continue to nurture and empower the children of the future. Company: Eleven Plus Centre Web Address: