UK Enterprise Awards 2021

336 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Jun21574 289 | i Best Children’s Party Soft Play Centre – Kent Even the adults feel a sense of excitement when they see Olive the party bus roll up. Kids are itching to get on board and their parents are delighted to see so much joy. Krazy Kidz Party Bus is the ultimate soft play party area for kids! It features a climbing frame, maze, slide, multiple ball pools, rope bridge, ‘Krazy Monkee’ themed bish-bash bags, and a secret passage, all of which is safely padded. And for the less boisterous children, there is a quiet area upstairs with toys, colouring books and dressing up clothes. Not only is the bus an exciting soft play area, but it also has a dining area upstairs with seating and tables for up to 18 children. Food can be provided or the client can supply their own food. The party bus can park up anywhere the client would like, provided there is enough space (33ft length, 8ft wide). If there isn’t room at the client’s home, there is the possibility of parking the bus in a local social venue car park. Clients can also order add-ons to go with their party bus booking, just to add a little more magic to the party atmosphere, including balloon modelling, temporary tattoos, and party bags, as well as an option to book photography where a fully trained photographer can capture all the fun that is had. There couldn’t be a better time to book a soft play party for the kids; after months of isolation, they will have the opportunity to develop their social skills, enjoying nothing more than interacting with their peers through different activities, whether climbing, running, crawling, jumping, rolling or role playing. When a child is in a soft play area, they are enjoying physical activity while all of their senses are stimulated, enabling them to think creatively and solve problems. Soft play areas are bright and colourful and an exciting place to explore! Children can take the time to discover each piece of equipment, use their imagination, and run around as much as they want to. Meanwhile, the entire time, parents can sit back and relax knowing their children are getting plenty of exercise in a safe environment. In turn, soft play improves the child’s quality of sleep, since they are tired out from all that playing! Being active in the day means the child will sleep better at night, and sleep is crucial for their development as it is when they do most of their learning, making sense of what they have seen in the day. And the party can still go on no matter the weather, since the play area is indoors and encourages play even when it’s cold and rainy outside! If you live in the Kent area and are interested in booking the Krazy Kidz Party Bus for the child’s special day, please visit the company website or call the below number. Company: Krazy Kidz Party Bus Contact: Steve Baker Phone: 07796 885 151 Email: Website: Krazy Kidz Party Bus can be booked to come to clients’ front doors to provide a play session jam-packed with fun for their child’s special day. A double-decker bus fitted out both upstairs and downstairs with an adventure playground, it’s guaranteed to provide a fun time for everyone to remember. il: i f r i rt . . it : . r i rt . .