UK Enterprise Awards 2021

38 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Apr21540 Best Digital Marketing Agency – Gloucestershire Tiger Systems is a digital marketing agency based in Cheltenham. We speak to Founder, James Wilson, in the aftermath of the agency being awarded the title of Best Digital Marketing Agency – Gloucestershire. Tiger Systems (Tiger) is a boutique digital marketing and data agency, founded in 2016, which works with companies looking to grow fast and in need of a strategic partner rather than just a supplier. Working with a range of clients, from REITs, B2B service companies, eCommerce and non-profits, Tiger delivers a full range of services to support its customers’ entire journey, from data and analytics, to marketing, advertising, design, branding, copywriting and customer service. “We work in partnership with our clients, applying an integrated approach to digital marketing to support your internal teams,” explains Founder, James Wilson. “We deliver well-connected, data- driven, results-oriented strategies that make a tangible difference to your business’ bottom line, all underpinned by an enthusiastic understanding of your business and audience.” James studied Law at the University of Southampton with a one-year Erasmus at Oslo University, followed by a Masters in International Business at Aston University. He worked in several start-ups before co-founding a Market Research and Communications Agency, working with companies like General Mills, Diageo, and Microsoft. After exiting at the end of 2015, James decided he wanted to try something new and, in 2016, Tiger Systems was born. “I wanted it to be much more than just another agency,” he states, and Tiger is just that! Strategic, innovative and results-driven, Tiger works with its customers to create a winning digital marketing strategy that supports their goals and evolves with their business. It does this by developing customer personas and journeys, researching a client’s market thoroughly, as well as that of its competitors, and developing and measuring all KPIs. Since Tiger was founded, its goal has been to build a brilliant team of industry experts, passionate about what they do and driven to help the firm achieve its overall mission of helping clients to better understand and communicate with their customers. When hiring at Tiger, James looks for candidates who internalise the values that he has identified as core to the company’s internal culture. With core values of curiosity, communication, expertise and professionalism, respect, willingness to listen and to be taught, ownership and accountability, and passion, there are quite a lot of boxes to tick to find the right fit. “We are all individuals and do not expect them to identify with all our values, however, we have found that the more of our values a candidate aligns with and describes people they want to work with, the better they fit at Tiger.” In such a fiercely competitive market, it is of utmost importance to James and the team at Tiger to ensure that they have key differentiators which set them apart from others, in order to keep winning business and succeeding at what they do best. “We have worked hard to develop an agile and flexible methodology to support our clients in an increasingly dynamic and changeable environment,” he continues. “We have expanded our services beyond those of a traditional agency to better support the entire customer lifecycle for our clients.” Recently, for example, Tiger has opened up a warehouse and studio to support its ecommerce clients by providing fulfilment and creative services. This approach to how the agency supports its clients also extends to how it structures its projects too, being equally comfortable with looking at equity investments and revenue share structures as more traditional retainers and monthly fees. There’s no doubting that the last 18 months has been hard for Tiger, as it has for many companies worldwide, with the impact of the pandemic negatively affecting practically every industry. As a result of Covid-19 and the subsequent lockdowns, James has noticed that the most current trend is a general fatigue of online advertising and ad blindness following the massive increase that was experienced in the sector over the last year. “We believe there will be a general shift to physical experiences, such as events and conferences, as people seek to have in person interactions again,” James states. “We are also seeing an ongoing consumer shift to expecting a meaningful relationship with the brands they interact with. Looking to find something they can relate to or care about. This can either be what the brand stands for or how it conducts itself.” Finally, the Tiger team have noticed a real shift to consumers seeking to understand the ROI of their marketing and advertising activity. “Frequently clients speak of having been “burned” by previous agencies by having spent large sums of money on activity that hasn’t worked. There is, therefore, much more caution about who they work with and what activity they will commit to.” But James is determined that the dedication and commitment of his experienced team will continue to reap the rewards as business once again resumes and a new normality becomes the standard. “We are passionate about technology, communication and data,” he elaborates. “We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and a transparent project management process. Above all, our goal is to become an integral part of your digital team. We, therefore, support you with strategic, marketing and technology insight and application to help your business grow.” Contact: James Wilson Company: Tiger Systems Ltd Web Address: