UK Enterprise Awards 2021

40 | UK Enterprise Awards 2021 Apr21585 Best Plumbing Repair Company – West Midlands & Wales Founded in 2005 and based in Telford, family-run THH Services is as committed to its customer and staff’s happiness as it is to do an excellent job! We speak to Kevin Thorner about the firm. THH Services is a heating and plumbing firm which provides a range of domestic and commercial services, as well as operating a 24/7 emergency cover for domestic and British Gas HomeCare customers. The company also provides a service to AXA Insurance along with key account business customers and is able to offer all services from a tap repair to a full bathroom installation, main water repairs and full replacement installations, as well as dyno plumbing services to boot. Company namesake and owner Kevin Thorner, who started the company 16 years ago, tells us a little bit more about the firm and what it can offer to differentiate itself from competitors operating within the same sector. “All customers are treated with complete dignity, regardless of their personal situation,” he explains. “As some of our customers are considered vulnerable, we try to deliver the service they deserve, as safely and efficiently as we possibly can.” On a typical job, for example, engineers will always call customers prior to arriving at job, in order to introduce themselves, confirm the type of work to be complete, and advise of approximate time of arrival. Upon arrival, the engineers will show their ID badge and enable a safe working environment by completing a risk assessment and electrical checks before work begins. Once they have started, the customer is kept up to date on the progress of the job and advised of the steps that are being taken. Finally, when work is complete, the engineer will ensure the area is tidy, removing any debris for complete customer satisfaction. Regarding the internal culture at THH Services, all engineers are treated in a consistent manner right from day one with new employees undergoing a rigorous induction which covers a range of subjects. “This allows us to determine what additional training may be required for each individual to have a full set of competencies to operate within the franchise,” says Kevin. “The training database is updated with required courses and latest dates for completion. Staff are then placed on appropriate courses dependent on the skills required for their job competencies.” Some training is carried out in-house as this allows the firm to adopt a consistent approach to the way in which engineers are trained and also enables training on an individual basis if required. “As a family run business, we believe in family values, and that extends to our workforce. We believe in protecting our customers and staff as you would your family and going the extra mile to always ensure their safety.” Safety was not the only obstacle which arose during the Covid-19 pandemic which saw customers having to lockdown and isolate in their own homes, presenting new challenges for both parties. “A minor issue, such as a dripping tap which was left unattended, got worse and worse over time. When people are able to get things fixed, it is a much bigger problem than it initially was which now needs to be completed,” Kevin says. “We were also seeing people wanting to spend their excess money on their houses, however the downside to this was that there was a lack of qualified engineers looking for employment. So, there was lots of work available but no staff to take it on!” As lockdowns are lifted and the world returns to a relative state of normality once again, Kevin is looking to further grow the business, currently regarding training in the green sector to help with the Government targets, with initiatives such as ground heat source pumps, air to water heat pumps, and also air conditioning. Obviously, running a business has financial rewards, but Kevin explains that for THH Services, it is not all about the money and that customer satisfaction plays a huge part, and will continue to do so. Having won the National Building Award for Health & Safety in 2019, and making it to the finals again in 2020, THH Services already has a stellar reputation within the industry, and this is something that Kevin is keen to progress. “Happy customers usually tell their friends and family and that generates more work, but it is also important to us that staff are happy at work. If everyone is happy, then the business can be successful.” Contact: Kevin Thorner Company: THH Services Ltd - Dyno Plumbing THH Services is a heating and plumbing firm which provides a range of domestic and commercial services, as well as operating a 24/7 emergency cover for domestic and British Gas HomeCare customers.