UK Enterprise Awards 2021

UK Enterprise Awards 2021 | 47 Imtiaz Consultancy Limited Establishing urgency, defining direction, strengthening sponsorship, communicating to drive commitment, aligning and empowering employees are just some of the company’s focus areas, and it strives to work alongside leaders to support the process of organisational transformation. Speaking of transformation, as a relatively new business, the Covid-19 pandemic brought many challenges to Imtiaz Consultancy and Czarina saw her business plan promptly swept aside and a new agile approach being adopted. “It became evident early on in the pandemic that businesses were in no position to think about enhancement initiatives,” she explains. “Understandably, everyone was in survival mode - for their own personal health, the wellbeing of their loved ones, and trying to keep the lights on in their business.” In view of this, Imtiaz Consultancy saw opportunity and set out on a mission to extend its network and create some positive vibes. “Meeting new contacts and sharing our experiences of the pandemic was refreshing and provided some light relief. It was reassuring to know that we were not alone in our challenges and people were very willing to invest their time, craving that human connection, particularly over video calls. “Undoubtedly, the horrors of the pandemic cast a very dark shadow over people’s lives, their moods and outlook. However, if there is one positive from this terrible period, it is that our network has grown to be more diverse, supportive and collaborative. A group of like- minded individuals with strength and depth that we may not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet.” Czarina herself made many appearances at prestigious networking and award events, including being a judge at both the UK Customer Experience Awards 2020 and the UK Business Awards 2021; a keynote speaker at Last Mile Delivery Global Conference 2021; a speaker at Customer Service Global Conference 2021; and providing mentorship to female mentees via the Reed Women in Tech Mentoring Programme – it is fair to say, there was no time to sit back and rest on one’s laurels! As Imtiaz Consultancy does not believe in a one- size-fits-all approach, and even more so now that the world is starting to emerge from the pandemic, it has evolved its portfolio to support businesses of all sizes to improve cash flow and increase profits with a ‘pick-and-mix’ selection of services. Delivered via a blend of project engagements, collaboration initiatives and retainer services, the consultancy undertakes reviews in order to improve the end-to-end customer engagement model, resolving pain points and transforming customers from Fires into Friends. There are corporate training sessions available to enhance business skills like customer service, effective complaint handling, professional written communications and account management. This includes classroom-based learning, live online interactive workshops and on-demand sessions via an e-learning platform. Executive coaching aims to nurture personal growth across the leadership team, providing the support to achieve the organisation’s strategic goals and to deliver successful outcomes. Complementing this is the team coaching model, designed to build cohesive groups that work efficiently towards common goals by leveraging individual strengths. “Alongside our extensive array of Experience Management services, our key differentiator is a cost management solution added to our portfolio at the end of December 2020,” Czarina says. “With businesses struggling to generate revenue through the pandemic, it was obvious that cost control was critical in order to survive. Including this service offers customers an opportunity to identify cost savings straight off the bottom line, helping to relieve financial pressures. Invaluable at this greatest time of need, this demonstrates customer-centricity is truly at the core of Imtiaz Consultancy.” Contact: Czarina Sheikh Mathew Company: Imtiaz Consultancy Limited Web Address: LinkedIn Profile: